Dragon's Dogma: Episode 3


Description: DANGERMOUSE come quickly, there’s something I must tell you! People are immune to arrows.

Publish Date: 17 April, 2012

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Slappyjigg's Avatar


Episode Fooooooooour! This is killing me =\
Posted 03:23 on 03 May 2012
MrGloomy's Avatar


If Frodo was a violent Chav, yeah maybe. Just watched this vid at work and couldn't stop laughing at the griefing possibilities.

At first when I saw footage of this game my cynical nature kicked in but I'm genuinly a lot more interested. I hope the AI systems work as it seems that a game like this really needs npc's that can actually think. Capcoms track record to utilize AI companions hasn't been very good (Lost Planet 2, Resident Evil 2, Dead Rising - all bad AI systems), so I hope they've really spent some quality time improving a pretty complex element of a game. Fingers crossed. Looking forward to VG's review.
Posted 12:07 on 17 April 2012
Hooded's Avatar


Awesome, been looking forward to this episode :)
Posted 11:57 on 17 April 2012
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


He reminds me of Frodo.
Posted 11:24 on 17 April 2012
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Digital Comic: Chapter 3
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Episode 3

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