Divinity: Original Sin: The Good, The Bad, The Sock Theft


Description: Jim revisits the crowd-funded RPG, now in its full released state, and finds a compelling game world that's full of reasons to stay.

Publish Date: 10 July, 2014

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Got this yesterday and so far I have put in 4 hours, although for that time I haven't really done much and have been learning how the game works.

That's one of my biggest issues with it so far; there's a lot to learn and you're told the basics of it (e.g. levelling), but not any detailed or advanced details on these aspects. For example, it doesn't explicitly say the difference between attributes and abilities (I'm sure I've got those names wrong...)

Furthermore there has been no mention on crafting or repairing in the game so far and these seem like massive parts of the game, so I'd like it if the game at least nudged me in the right direction.

This game, from what I've heard, is big - although I haven't really heard people elaborate on this: When people say Skyrim is big they explain why, the same with The Witcher 2, but no elaboration so far for me to gauge how vast this is.

I need to stick with it because if I stop playing now then I'll never go back to it and I want a really deep RPG to get into and as such, bought a new game on PC. A blessing only reserved for CDPR and Blizzard.

(On a side note does anyone know where I can get a healing spell (not scroll) from?)

The worst thing about the game though? How bloody slow you run through the game. For something as basic as moving, making it a slog seriously diminishes enjoyment - especially for a game you want to explore lots in.
Posted 22:31 on 10 July 2014
Click to play The Good, The Bad, The Sock Theft
The Good, The Bad, The Sock Theft
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The Saviour of the Classic RPG?

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