Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Is the Wii U the best version?


Description: Chris and Matt take a look at the Deus Ex: Human Revolution "Director's Cut" and see what's changed. Is it the better version?

Publish Date: 22 October, 2013

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ENDOT@ BombaLuigi

its £3 more. not that expensive. just shop around im sure no matter where your from you can find it cheap. £23 is not a lot really.
Posted 19:21 on 22 October 2013


The Price... I mean really, wtf? I would buy this Game a second Time, because I really, really like it, and I like the WiiU but.... the Price.

I will put it on my Wishlist and if it should get a get a Discount I get it, when the Discount is good. But I don't buy it for that Price.
Posted 16:25 on 22 October 2013
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