Cyberpunk 2077: In-Depth Trailer Analysis


Description: Matt Lees and Matthew Nellis have an in-depth look at the teaser trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, pointing out tiny stuff you might have missed.

Publish Date: 11 January, 2013

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User Comments

Jam_Sponge's Avatar


I was thinking "Complete Pair of Matts". Glad the detail has been enjoyed! Rare occasion when I actually know a TON of stuff about the source material.
Posted 23:40 on 12 January 2013
Catterick's Avatar

Catterick@ s_h_a_d_o

Copywright VideoGamer now :)
Posted 23:32 on 12 January 2013
s_h_a_d_o's Avatar


A new video segment, with double the Matt!
Call it "Matters of Fact". :P
Posted 22:16 on 12 January 2013
chelskiboy247's Avatar


Great analysis, really enjoyed it. As someone who knew absolutely nothing about Cyberpunk I found it very informative. Good job!
Posted 13:13 on 12 January 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I thought the analysis was brilliant. Lees noticed all the little details I'd have otherwise missed, pointed out things like target renders and plot theories that I hadn't thought about, and not having played Cyberpunk 2020 I suddenly became so informed about this new universe that I might as well have been playing it for years.

Great job considering it was knocked together in less than 24 hours. Particularly loved all the little zoom ins and highlights so the viewer could focus on exactly what was being discussed.

Could have mentioned the music though, that was the final touch to the masterpiece that made it go viral so quickly.
Posted 05:38 on 12 January 2013
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


I'd love to see more of these analysis's in the future. Very informative, although I do think it could have been condensed a bit :)
Posted 22:45 on 11 January 2013
MJTH's Avatar


I quite like this trailer analysis style, by Matt and Matt. Good job!

Cyberpunk, sounds like an interesting IP considering what it's based off. It's a shame that we probably won't be seeing this game till at least 2015.
Posted 18:27 on 11 January 2013
Jam_Sponge's Avatar


The hacking stuff in Cyberpunk is pretty deep - the internet is almost like a whole other world that you can explore. Can't wait to see how it's handled.
Posted 17:13 on 11 January 2013


Hearing Matt talk about this has made me far more interested in this game; this ghost dancing malarkey seems reminiscent to ghost hacking from ghost in the shell.
Posted 16:56 on 11 January 2013
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