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Description: If you love hunting and running around the forest then Neon and Martin have you covered. (WARNING, spoilers after 20 minutes).

Publish Date: 5 November, 2012

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Spoilers from History :D
Posted 13:51 on 06 November 2012
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I thought the animus was supposed to translate languages to English? I guess it doesn't with native american. I always found it kind of cool that when for the most part they would primarily speak English, and then with some specific phrases it would go back to the real language. It made you feel like you were in the machine and every so often it just couldn't translate something. But in this this case it having then speak plain native american, with english subtitles seem... Not lazy obviously, but the pursuit for accuracy, this is a little alienating.

Also, on the spoiler front, whilst I am getting this soon, I don't (personally) mind spoilers of like the first 20% of a game. Especially in long games like this, after you get past the initial opening surprise, not much in terms of the over-arching plot happens in the first 20%.

EDIT:Looks like I just stepped on to the 21% threshold of spoilers :S
Posted 17:13 on 05 November 2012
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