Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag: Pirate & Naval Exploration Gameplay Video


Description: Ubisoft Montreal walks players through life as a pirate in Assassin's Creed 4, including ship upgrades, collectibles and naval exploration.

Publish Date: 10 July, 2013

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User Comments

Batmamerc's Avatar


Most boring sounding narrator ever, music sounds very pirates of the Caribbean though, I like it.
Posted 12:04 on 11 July 2013
GingerMessiah's Avatar


My God this narrator says "You will need" so many times! What if I don't want to? Searching for collectibles/treasure appears rather forced... Gameplay looks rather similar to what we've seen from previous AC games too, which can be seen as both positively or a negatively.. Personally I was hoping for a change but it appears that many features have simply been ported from AC3 and have been only tweaked with slightly. I am quite put off by this video tbh; the gameplay itself appears very dull and I can see 'treasure hunting' becoming very repetitive early on (Logically speaking, who would bury blueprints for a ship? :L) We'll see though, I hope I'll be proven wrong.
Posted 22:03 on 10 July 2013
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