Amazon Fire TV


Description: Jim reacts to Amazon's sort-of entry into the home console market with their new $100 streaming box.

Publish Date: 3 April, 2014

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These Android Mini-PC's obviously aren't really competitors to the traditional consoles but they do offer indies and bedroom coders a cheap way in to the couch gaming industry. While the traditional consoles are trying to be much more open to indies than they have been in the past, they're still very much inaccessible to students and people who just want to make games for fun or tinker with SDK's etc.

For games and game development, they're the modern day equivalent of the cheap microcomputers of the eighties and early nineties and what they were to the behemoths that were the NES,SNES and that tat SEGA sold.

Lets just hope they can keep the shovelware down to a minimum and people will eventually move on from the "eww mobile games" stigma the devices seem to have among the traditional console audience.
Posted 16:07 on 03 April 2014
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