Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Review

When you decide to give your name a pun like “Garden Warfare” you’re committed to doing something really silly with it. Fortunately, PopCap has a reputation for doing silly rather well, and Garden Warfare is hyper-colourful and bursting with lovely animations that will have PvZ veterans grinning. But although it’s clear that the developers have really enjoyed reworking their characters into roles that suit a team-based shooter, I’m not sure it does enough to warrant the current price tag.

As expected, being a fan of the original game certainly helps here, with the abilities you’ll unlock for each character being based on those used by their tower defence counterparts. The Sunflower can drop sunlight to heal nearby teammates and although it now has a bunch of offensive options (this is a shooter after all), they are tied into the plant’s original mechanics. It works well and despite a few questionable balance issues, it was a pleasure to see how each class managed to maintain its own unique theme.

Although you’ll immediately be able to access all of the core classes on both sides, there are a number of specialities that alter how the class functions which need to be unlocked. These character perks, as well as a bunch of cosmetic changes and consumable plants that can placed mid-game, are acquired by opening booster packs (think Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer), which are purchased using in-game coins. Microtransactions are not set to be active for the game’s launch, which is a welcome surprise, although it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them later down the line.

Here and now, however, after unlocking the abilities for each of the characters I felt I’d had my fill. I was hoping for something a little different to hold my interest, not more of the same Team Deathmatches, Base Offence/Defence and Wave Survival that we’ve played in countless other games. I’m glad to see a return to the franchise that doesn’t involve a free-to-play model, but as far as multiplayer shooters go this feels like a nice change of pace, rather than a long-term alternative.

Version Tested: Xbox One. Played for 5 hours.

7 / 10

  • Not many multiplayer shooters leave you feeling quite so cheerful.
  • Character abilities tie back to original games.
  • Limited gameplay modes don’t offer a lot of new tricks.

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User Comments

Dudezombie's Avatar


Trust me, this game is extremely fun and manages to bridge the casual and hardcore crowd together in a way that is very hard to do. The graphics are gorgeous, the level design is flawless, the classes each feel unique and change depending on unlocks. There WILL be more maps via FREE DLC, so for $40 on xb1 ($35) used and $30 on 360 ($25) used... this game is WELL worth the asking price and WILL give you many, many hours of enjoyment.
Posted 10:05 on 17 March 2014


Wasn't expecting much from this, to be honest.
Posted 15:11 on 25 February 2014
Clockpunk's Avatar


"Limited gameplay modes don’t offer a lot of new tricks." is repeated in the summary, as both a positive and negative, where it seems to only be the latter...
Posted 13:21 on 25 February 2014
dudester's Avatar


I think I'll pick this up when it coems out on pc.
Posted 12:56 on 25 February 2014

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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
Out of 10
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
  • Not many multiplayer shooters leave you feeling quite so cheerful.
  • Character abilities tie back to original games.
  • Limited gameplay modes don’t offer a lot of new tricks.
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