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Editor’s note: FIFA 14 on Xbox One is, in terms of modes, almost identical to the version found on Xbox 360 and PS3. As is the Kinect integration. (Both are better presented, as a matter of course.) This review will focus on the changes to the on-pitch action.

Rebuilt for next-gen using the new Ignite Engine, FIFA 14 doesn’t look drastically different from current-gen. Put a controller in your hands, however, and the changes are surprisingly significant.

Let’s get the graphics out the way first: it is nicer-looking, with improved likenesses, cloth and grass textures. But often you’re too far away from the action to truly notice how much better it looks. What is more apparent is the smoother gameplay. Improvements to the frame-rate mean camera pans and quick transitions in play are handled much better. The only issue I noticed was in Be A Pro, where the game often stuttered when using the Pro camera angle.

All in-game incidents are handled in real-time. There are no more load screens during a match, meaning those repetitive cut-scenes for substitutions are gone. If you choose not to skip moments when the ball is out of play, you can watch corner takers collect it, goalkeepers organise defenders and all the other events you see on a Saturday, from true-to-life camera angles too.

Matches have a much greater flow and sense of control thanks to the increased number of animations, and switching the play is faster thanks to the ability to drill a flat pass. Players now open up their body shape automatically on their approach to strike a ball, changing its flight and removing the chance for defenders to intercept.

Jostling has better balance, too. There are fewer over-exaggerated pushes off the ball; players engage in a prolonged to-and-fro in battles for possession, taking pace and momentum into account. The ability to ride sliding tackles means that challenges must be near-perfect to win possession.

Current-gen FIFA had over-powered bigger athletes, and while this is still a problem, the ability for more than two players to challenge aerial balls slightly alleviates it. However, Marouane Fellaini is still almost impossible to win possession from.

All in all, this is an improved version of what's gone before. The new lick of paint is nice, but it’s the changes under the hood that make the significant difference.

Version Tested: Xbox One. Played for 7 hours.

9 / 10

  • Same great FIFA.
  • Greater variety in animations.
  • Gameplay is much smoother.
  • Still some balancing and scripting issues.

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User Comments

Rav5's Avatar


My review of this game base ONLY on BE A PRO mode... I dont care about any other modes since they are just wasting of time...FIFA14 is one of the worst football games ever made in my opinion.... few reasons:
1 . Level of difficulty is faked... it means that if you put higher lev of difficulty its not that enemy will play better...its your own team mates will start to help enemies to win....
2. when you leave pitch winning 2:0 in 85 minute... and you choose to simulate match, you can still LOOSE>...... ^^ unbelievable but there is no proper function which generate result of such matches base on players skills, teams tactic..etc.... its just random result which can be never use "Simulate match" option....
3. players behave simply say: stupid..... they do not chase a ball when its going out of the pitch but still is quite near the player.... in english premier league player like that would be instantly put on the bench for such slacking....... ;). Also your own players very often hit you in order to intercept a ball.... just to help enemy....There is no such thing like playmaker.... your team mate responsible for passes is UNABLE to pass..... the same about wingers.... within few seasons I tested fifa I never seen any good cross....nor pass from playmaker to attacker so he would be in clean position ....
4. OFFSIDES...... omg... this is the big one :).... around 90% of my team actions if finished because some retard stays on offside..... when in the same time enemy... no offsides at all...... your own team mates especial when playing against better enemy trying to STAY on offside as often as this is possible...just to make your own life harder.... whenever you have good situation , example you shoot on goal at least one of other attackers stays on offside .... just unbelievable is implementation of offsides in this game.....just for developers info staying out of offsides is FIRST thing young kids learn when attending football schools...if in real world any attacker would be catch 6-8 time on offside during one match he would never play again.....
5. there is no such thing like tactic, good trainer decisions......the fact you will play depends ONLY from your fatigue.... there is no example you are the best player of the team so lets let you rest next easy match so in 4 days you would be ready for the final of FA cup.... NO..... you will play this first match and then... you skip the final..... this is called INTELLIGENCE..... :) honestly seeing this kind of stuff I really doubt that those guys who designed it are higher than 80 iq....
6. Transfers are completely random... you can have offer from literally ANY club in the world...doesnt matter your nationality or history.... you play in second english league as english young striker... offer from corinthians from brazil..... hahaa..... :D just stupidity....who the hell in brazil would ever know about some no-name english player from second english league?
7. and so on.... hundrets of stupid bugs and silly behaviours....

The only one thing which concerns me is why they charge for this kind of game? and why developers nowdays are unable to design proper functions/procedures and they prefer to just randomize everything(btw this is exactly one line of code....)?

Basically for anyone who ever played football and have any clue about management/ tactic or real playing issues this game doesnt have any sense....
Posted 16:26 on 05 May 2014
rangersfc1's Avatar

rangersfc1@ MrHEWBO

Or maybe you're just not good enough for the scripting to really bother you?

But if this is what makes one not good...

...then hey, I'm happy tell you that I'm not good then :)
Posted 17:53 on 26 January 2014
MrHEWBO's Avatar

MrHEWBO@ rangersfc1

maybe you're not very good at the game?
Posted 13:31 on 03 January 2014
rangersfc1's Avatar


Poor review. Mass compensative scripting online, control is forcefully removed whenever the game decides it's your turn to concede, causing this very erratic/bug emulating gameplay experience where all footballing logic is thrown out the window. You will find your gameplay experience become a lot more "frustrating" as the game will leave you feeling "cheated" at the end of matches way more often if you try to play "intelligent football". It's just one big frustrating and unfair experience. If you're a competitive gamer looking for some competitive fun, then this isn't for you, because this game is aimed at helping casuals compete.
Posted 22:29 on 19 December 2013
tomy55's Avatar


alarming to me the great reviews FIFA 13 & FIFA 14 get. It let's me know beyond doubt that these are not reviews from people who actually play the game.. In case a review from someone who does is valued. I will say FIFA 14 is even more scripted then FiFA 13. This is not momentum, the game engine is bias and clearly throws the game only in one direction the entire game, it's not hard at all to tell when your ability to be able to control your players have been completely dismantled. Not sure why EA is going backwards with this and heading far away from the fifa we all (we all meaning people who actually play the game) fell in love with.. Potential is there I have no doubt EA can produce awesome games, but FIFA 13 & 14 is awful because they dont just let you play against your opponent & let the best player decide who wins, they are too involved in the matches and this will always get bad review from gamers.
Posted 23:04 on 09 December 2013

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Out of 10
  • Same great FIFA.
  • Greater variety in animations.
  • Gameplay is much smoother.
  • Still some balancing and scripting issues.
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