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Run Sackboy! Run! News for PS Vita

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Run Sackboy! Run! screenshot
Run Sackboy! Run! screenshot

In what appears to be a nifty way to promote the holiday season launch of LittleBigPlanet 3 on PS4 and PS3, Sony Xdev Europe has announced Run Sackboy! Run!.

The new game is free-to-play and described as a platform-survival title built exclusively for PS Vita, iOS and Android.

Running away from The Negativitron (that vacuum cleaner which has a taste for creativity), Sackboy is controlled using tap and swipe gestures as he speeds through iconic LPB locations The Gardens, The Canyons and Avalonia.

Players collect bubbles along the way, which can be used as currency to buy special costumes (with score multipliers built in) and upgrades. You can also obtain a host of power-ups, including a Jet Pack, Shield, Magnet and Glider.

Stickers are also waiting to be collected, with completed collections unlocking special rewards including exclusive costumes for LBP3.

Look out for Run Sackboy! Run! this October.

Source: PS Blog

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