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With next-gen consoles right around the corner, the time could finally be right to ramp up development on Beyond Good & Evil 2, creator Michel Ancel has told – but not before warning fans that the game may take another three years to come to light.

"We can't talk too much about [Beyond Good & Evil 2] just to avoid disappointing people," Ancel told us during a Rayman Legends press event last week, "but yes, we think that now the time could come to make this kind of game and move to this kind of very ambitious game."

And Ancel appears to be prepared to devote a few years of his life to get the sequel right – possibly moving away from Rayman to ensure the game lives up to expectation.

"I know this is going to take a part of our life," he says. "We need to be sure that everything is going to follow our project. Of course the company, but the hardware too. If the team, the company and the hardware are there, I believe that we can take three more years of our life... and just [make] the game."

The sequel to cult favourite Beyond Good & Evil was first announced during Ubisoft's E3 2008 press conference. However, Ancel's latest comments suggest that the title may not have been in as active development as previously thought.

Back in 2011, Ancel was reported to have told journalists that "we are very far [into] development so we can't go back now", adding that the team was "targeting the next generation of consoles". But if the game is still a few years away from release, how far into development could it have been?

Ancel's latest title Rayman Legends goes on sale on August 30.

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Clockpunk's Avatar


My reaction upon that headline: 'No ****, Sherlock'
Posted 10:33 on 18 July 2013
tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ BC_Animus

Haha nice analogy dude but are you speaking from experience. I do agree though just make up your mind Ancel.
Posted 09:56 on 18 July 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


Ancel, I love you and I love Beyond Good & Evil, but for crying out loud either make the game or shutup already. It's like going out with a woman who keeps telling you continuously for 10+ years that she's going to sleep with you... possibly.... in three or four years... maybe...

Make it, or don't make it - just stop teasing us with it.
Posted 01:01 on 18 July 2013


I swear i'm a fan of long delayed games, at least Kingdom Hearts 3 got an announcement trailer.
I fear this might do a Duke Nukem and be delayed so long that the game doesn't live up to what we hope and expect, and may even move away from what made the original great.
Posted 23:55 on 17 July 2013

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