Tom Orry, Editor - MotorStorm RC, PS Vita

MotorStorm RC screenshot

I have come to hate lap three on Mixing Bowl, the first event in MotorStorm RC. We've been running a competition to see who can set the fastest time over four laps, and while I've done OK, my efforts to improve my time have resulted in frustration during lap three. On this lap the painfully slow AI racers start to get in the way, and can turn a great run into a waste of time. I've got to the stage now where even if I manage to pass them all cleanly, I'll panic on the final lap and hit a wall while home and dry. Still, it's a brilliant game.

Neon Kelly - Deputy and Features Editor - Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, 3DS

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D screenshot

So, Snake Eater... it's rather good, isn't it? I know I'm saying this seven years after everyone else, but hell, better late than never. As I said in my review, there's something decidedly odd about the first time you play a game that's already been praised and discussed ad infinitum. At any given moment I half expected a museum curator to stroll into the jungle, stroke his beard and say, "Ah yes, this is the famous sniper battle against The End. Note the fine brush-strokes on the 'ZZZ's that emerge when the old man falls asleep - a trait typical of Renaissance-era stealth games."

Come to think of it, that would actually make a great post-game unlock. At the very least, Snake Eater is one of the few games that would warrant a Director's Commentary. Again, I'm the last person in the world to say this, but it really is a classic.

Emily Gera, MMO Editor - Mass Effect 2, Xbox 360

Mass Effect 2 screenshot

Right, Mass Effect 3 is coming up over the horizon so I need to finish off my second go of Mass Effect 2. I stopped mid-way through my second playthrough about ten months ago, so you might remember me regaling you about Ladyparts Shephard and her trans-planetary trysts around the universe. Having played a male-Shep during my first run through it's almost instantly clear how much better my fem-Shep character is in terms of voice acting, so even though I'm intimately familiar with the game it really is just a bloody joy to play a second time through. And it turns out spray-painting her armour neon pink gets me an achievement, which is good to know.

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dazzadavie's Avatar


Mass Effect when ever I can, I've pre-ordered the third Collectors edition but that will wait till I've done 1 and 2. Really loving the game and exploring the solar system.
Battlefield 3 Trying to play this less so I can get more done on Mass Effect, but I'm always tempted back by friends. My wife calls is my drug addiction as it's something I struggle to say no to.
Borderlands Got a little bit of this done last night, found my first Gear Box gun which was nice. Should be having a good go at this Tuesday night.
Posted 12:52 on 05 March 2012
guyderman's Avatar


Doing a 360 run through on Batman Arkham City and then it will be ME3 at the end of the week.
On the Vita I'll be playing mainly Wipeout and with Rayman's Oranges!
Posted 12:31 on 05 March 2012
andyb2610's Avatar


Bits of Forza 4 but in the middle of moving so my game time is reducing considerably and is not likely to increase for a few weeks yet....meaning that Mass Effect 3 will have to wait until the painting is done !!
Posted 11:43 on 05 March 2012
dav2612's Avatar


Batman Arkham City: very much enjoying it

Child Of Eden: more impressive visually than Rez but it doesn't beat Rez on the gameplay.

And on the Vita Wipeout 2084 has been getting the most attention.
Posted 09:28 on 05 March 2012
MrGloomy's Avatar


Been playing a lot of 'Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning'. I'm really enjoying it, but for some reason it doesn't absord me into the lore of the game's world or characters. It throws exotic character names and locations around like you should of read a thousand books on the subject, prior to playing the game. So far I'm finding a task, completeing it without caring for the reasons and then making some unique armour or weapons to vary my killing sprees.

I had never played or completed an Elder Scrolls game prior to Skyrim, but Skyrim did a pretty decent job of making me care about certain decisions and for exploring the various side stories and characters around the world. 'Reckoning' uses too much 'cannon' lore to allow me to get familiar with it's vase and varied world. Combat thought can be damn sweet when you get the flow going.

I've also decided to start all over again in 'DarkStar One', since I didn't get very far anyway. It's the only game of it's kind on the 360 and for anyone who misses the 'Elite' days or a bit of space combat with a side order of intergalactic trade commerce, I'd recommend DarkStar One. I say that now, but I haven't really put enough effort to see if that recommendation is really justified, so stay tuned as I might even submit my own review of a game that treads a gaming genre so sorely missed these days.
Posted 09:14 on 05 March 2012
Wido's Avatar


SSX for me recently. Awesome game which Lee rightly says about getting a fix for some time to come.

Street Fighter X Tekken & Mass Effect 3 for me next week. One hell of a busy weekend instore, but I have a feeling I will be working the majority of the weekend... :(

Brother bought Rayman Origins for me on the 360. How on earth that will see daylight I don't know, but it is a game I have been meaning to pick up from its superb reviews.
Posted 19:37 on 04 March 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ CheekyLee

Your allies should have abilities that help against mechs by that stage (e.g. take down all shields at once and piercing rounds etc). Otherwise it's possible to chip away for ages like you say.
Posted 18:23 on 04 March 2012
CheekyLee's Avatar


Mostly, I have been getting quite sweary at Motorstorm RC, due to it having the 2 things that force me to near OCD levels of commitment to a title. A friends leaderboard, and an Instant Restart option. I swear, discovering that I could press Select followed by X to restart even MORE instantly was a moment of epiphany!

I have been less sweary at Temple Run on iOS, but still fairly frustrated. I do like this one, but won't be posting any good scores for quite some time.

And yesterday I went out and got SSX, which will probably give me my fix for some time to come. Although I will most likely have to cast it aside should I get hold of Street Fighter x Tekken next week.

And then I reminded myself just how BRILLIANT WarioWare Inc. Mega Microgames is on the GBA. Yes, the GBA, not the 3DS version! This is because I found my GBA while putting stuff into the new house I finally got to move into!

I am tempted to try and give a ***** about Mass Effect, if only so that I have something in common with THE ENTIRE FREAKING INTERNET next week. I reached some big droid thing in the first game, and it seems very much like I will have to whittle its health down for an hour or so in order to progress. I don't much like the idea of this.
Posted 17:52 on 04 March 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


No change from last week, it has all been Test Drive Unlimited 2 (still trying to break into the top 30 on the Poker Leaderboards) and WRC 2 (despite being very bland, it's a nice change from poker).

I've also been fiddling around with my PSP 1000 which I picked up today for less than the price of a Sony 16GB memory card, and tomorrow I'm hoping to pick up a few games on UMD for around £5 each, so hopefully next week you'll spot some retro additions instead of the usual list of 360 titles.

I also picked up Lost and The Bourne Conspiracy at the same time as the PSP, so they might get played around with over the next 7 days too, time permitting.
Posted 17:39 on 04 March 2012
MJTH's Avatar


Been playing Fire Emblem sacred stone this week. I've been avoiding this game since I got for free from Nintendo on my 3DS, but I decided to dive now. I'm one of those people who won't accept the death of units in strategy games, and I am totally willing to restart over and over again, so fire emblems perma-death scares me, I got half through the game on my first try until I realised because of something I didn't do earlier in the game I was screwed out of doing something later on....

So I restarted the game, like I said fire emblem scares me. Not because of the difficulty, but because of the amount of time I will waste before getting it right.
Posted 14:16 on 04 March 2012
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


Lap 3 is where my nightmares now officially reside.

I popped in San Andreas last night for an hour as I haven't played it in years and years. For a game that I once viewed as the most immersive experience I can't believe how different it looked. Sometimes progression isn't noticed in media until you step back into the past a little. The display isn't fully widescreen and the controls are weird (RT to aim and LT to shoot?!) but it's charming and takes me back. I reckon I'll spend a bit of time with it over the next few days.

Oh, and the size of that map. THE SIZE OF IT.
Posted 13:13 on 04 March 2012
Bloodstorm's Avatar


For me it's been....

Street Fighter 4 2012, the patch FINALLY hit steam this week so i've been playing the hell out of that.......more so than usual.

Virtua Fighter 5 (THE daddy of all fighters) got this played at a MASSIVE LAN last sunday, everyone loved it and i'm pushing Final Showdown (the standalone title coming out in the summer) to be a widely played game in dundee, i'm going to make dundee a shining beacon of glory in the Scottish fighting scene.

WATCHING Street Fighter X Tekken streams for wednesday/friday........CAN'T RESIST.....MUST......NOT....

Posted 12:44 on 04 March 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


I bit the bullet, and bought BurgerTime: Deluxe (I was waiting for it to hit a sale, but alas...), and am really enjoying it! I have fond memories of the original game (and playing the Gameboy port - which was really rather good at the time), and so had a little bit of trepidation with all the changes MonkeyPaw Games brought in - jumping, rocket packs, whacking spatulas, energy drinks... but they all compliment the experience nicely! Boss levels add some fun variety where timing has to be extremely accurate (something I've not experienced for a good while), but the collision detection is a little wonky at times. For short sharp bursts, though, I do not regret paying full price in the very least. Just a shame there are only 40 or so levels - here's hoping an add-on stage or two might be added (but I don't think it sold well enough to warrant one, sadly). I heartily encourage all you chaps to try out the demo. Besides, how many games have you chased by chomping killer sausages in silly hats? ;)

Other than that, I have been slowly playing through MGS: Peace Walker HD with Ghost5 kindly helping out in co-op. If I am honest, I am a little disappointed in the title, coming straight from Snake Eater. It had the potential, but the limitations of the PSP are evident, and I think a lot more work could have been done with the jaggy graphics. It is an interesting story, and nice to see the evolution of Big Boss and Outer Haven... if only the clumsy gameplay was a little less so...
Posted 12:36 on 04 March 2012

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