Tom Orry, Editor - MotorStorm RC, Vita

MotorStorm RC screenshot

I'm a sucker for racing games, but I'm not usually as sucked in as I am with MotorStorm RC on Vita. I've been playing it every night and have now unlocked the crazy-hard super cars, which accelerate so quickly and reach such high speeds that I'm easing my way in by only holding the gas stick up half way. I've seen one or two baffling reviews for this online, some complaining that RC isn't like the original MotorStorm games - that's certainly true, but to cite that as a negative is completely missing the point. RC wasn't meant to play like other MotorStorm games. It's a homage to classic arcade racers and Micro Machines, and hopefully will sell well enough to give Sony and others confidence in this cut-price experience on Vita.

Neon Kelly, Deputy and Features Editor – Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, 3DS

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D screenshot

I've just embarked upon a journey into the unknown. I played, completed and thoroughly enjoyed Metal Gear Solid on the PS1, but since then I've had no direct contact with Snake and his notorious cardboard boxes. This week I began my first playthrough of Snake Eater – widely regarded as the best in the series – with the added oddity of doing so on the 3DS.

What do you I think? Well, I can't say yet – partly because I'm reviewing the bugger next week, but mainly because at the time of writing, I've hardly done anything. I watched the first part of the mammoth intro, revised my knowledge of the Cold War, and then climbed a tree. Then it was time for another lengthy conversation. Given the series' rep I was half expecting this, but even so... the cast really do rabbit on, don't they?

Martin Gaston, Reviews Editor - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim screenshot

Nobody actually cares about what I'm doing in Skyrim anymore, but you might be more interested when you find out this juicy little zingbomb of facty truthness: I now have a wicked sweet set of Daedric armour. That's right: I now have a totally wicked, uncontrollably sweet set of Daedric armour. It's probably the best thing I've ever done in my entire life, and I will speak of that day to my children in the years to come.

So, yeah, Daedric armour. Daedric armour! Has anyone else got any sweet armour? No, because mine is the best. See you next week, when I shall talk about my Daedric sword and one-handed skill.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Brutal Legend, Xbox 360

Brutal Legend screenshot

I'm going to try and dispel the rumour that's probably going to rear its head soon, about how I only ever play one game. I won't even name the game, but I will say I've made it my slight-after-New-Year's resolution to branch out to other genres before my brain completely atrophies with BioWare fanboyism. I'm playing Brutal Legend – I know. Our Tom Orry's review is right on the money, and in terms of gameplay it feels a bit of a rank mess. But by god it's a funny thing. I've missed laughing at games. I've been so busy protecting droids in Dromund Kaas I've forgotten that's a possibility in gaming.

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dazzadavie's Avatar


[edit] Posted in the wrong post.

Playing (or trying to play) Mass Effect. Love the Mass Effect law really taken if by the 2hrs I've managed to play, I just can't wait to play more and more on to ME2 and ME3.
Posted 13:45 on 28 February 2012
Endless's Avatar


Finally made the effort to finish the main storyline of Skyrim, just the dark brotherhood, restoring the thieves guild to it's former glory and a bunch of daedric quests and i'll be happy :)

All set for StreetFighter X Tekken coming out on the 9th :D
Posted 13:43 on 28 February 2012
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


I'm looking forward to getting through the last few bits and moving onto 2. The general consensus seems to be that it's the best of the three with the third tailing close behind. Although a lot of the gunfights have frustrated me I do like the sparsity of ammo, it gets me pretty nervous sometimes.
Posted 13:11 on 28 February 2012
squidman's Avatar


2 is my favourite of the three, but both 2 and 3 are chuffing aces.

MrGloomy is now my role model in life, too!
Posted 20:16 on 27 February 2012
munkee's Avatar

munkee@ EverTheOptimist

Uncharted 2 is far superior to the first game and 3 has 'some' moments that blow 2 away! Exciting series. Enjoy.
Posted 20:04 on 27 February 2012
MrGloomy's Avatar

MrGloomy@ squidman

Surprisingly, once you get the 'trinity' thing going, not too long. The trinity thing btw, is:

Blacksmithing (smithing skill tree)
Encharting (encharting skill tree)
then selling (speech skill tree)

Make cheap items like daggers at the blacksmith's. Enchart those cheap items(I'd usually find/buy loads of petty/lesser/common soul gems) and during the final encharting phase, I'd rename them to 'sell'. You get more encharting skill with a more powerful enchartment (i.e. 'Banish' is considered a powerful enchartment), you also get more value on the final item. Once you've made the 'profit item', go sell it. Just repeat the process around Skyrim or wait 2 days before repeating the same process in the same location/town. Also, if you've got loads of useless soul gems, use a weapon that uses a lot of soul energy (draining the encharment bar quickly) and constantly charge it up with those gems. Recharging weapons also boosts the encharting skill.

Beware of this obsession as it's taken me month's to get of the game. Over 250 hours and level 78, without cheating.
Posted 12:58 on 27 February 2012
squidman's Avatar

squidman@ MrGloomy

Okay, you win. Your armour kicks the stuffing out of my stupid armour. How long did it take you to get your Enchanting to 100?
Posted 11:29 on 27 February 2012
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


Having acquired a PS3 last week my time has been mainly spent on that. Uncharted is probably the game I've sank the most time into so far and I'm enjoying it. I won't lie, I'm a tiny bit disappointed with it due to the repetition, but it's still a fun ride and I'm looking forward to 2 and 3 once I'm done. I think the first hour is the strongest in the game so far and it's doing my head in how often pirates pop up. The characters are good fun though.

MotorStorm: Apocalypse is the other game I've been spending a good bit of time with and I love it. Initially it annoyed me how often my fella would be enjoying a gravel buffet, but I quite like the way you have to concentrate on the track far more than the movements of your opposition. When you complete a lap without smashing into something it's seriously satisfying! The one part of the package that's a huge letdown is the story. I don't think there needs to be one and it's addition is a sloppy one. It doesn't help that the 'story' makes zero sense and is crammed full of bad dialogue. I'm not bothered about character development in a racer.
Posted 10:19 on 27 February 2012
draytone's Avatar


Right, time to start finishing some games up. So from this point forward my tray is going to be occupied by AC: Brotherhood until I complete the story and then LA Noire.

No point saying that about Skyrim... never going to complete that.
Posted 10:12 on 27 February 2012
MrGloomy's Avatar


I've finally stepped away from Skyrim with a regretful tear in my eye. Personally, Skyrim has to be one of my all time favourite games, ever, and I give extra praise at kudos to the fine people of (I chose Skyrim as my 'member of the month' prize).

I've spent sooo much time in Skyrim, I too have a lovely Daedric Armour set of awesomeness. (warning: stat sadness follows)

280 armour
x2 enchartments - 1) 15% Destruction cost, 20% Magicka regen; 2) +40% Magicka regen

120 armour
x2 enchartments - 1) 40% Archery; 40% one-hand combat

112 armour
x2 enchartments - 1) 40% Sneak; 2) 37 Weight Capacity

162 armour
x2 enchartments - 1) +62 Magicka; 2) 62% Magicka regen

Best Ring: Ring of Warlocks
x2 enchartments - 1) 60% one-hand combat; 2) +72 Magicka

Best Necklace: Necklace of Rangers
x2 enchartments - 1) 60% Sneak; 2) 60% Archery

Best Sword: Masamune (Blade's sword)
212 base damage
300-ish damage with equipped jewellry
x2 enchartments - 1) 32points health absorb; 2) 32 lightning damage/magicka damage

Believe or not, this isn't even my best armour. That honour goes to a lovely Ebony armour set complete with the Daedric artifact, 'Ebony Mail'.

I think I just used my entire geek-point amount for the whole day ;)
Posted 09:52 on 27 February 2012
reynoldio's Avatar


@munkee, glad you're enjoying Rage, I've often said how much I enjoyed that game and have been annoyed at the short shrift it gets in much of the media. Yeah the story is nothing to write home about and the end sucks, but the game is fantastic and the characters are all beautifully rounded, if stationary.

Not played much myself this week except for a team gaming party round mine on Friday night! So a bunch of us played Mario & Sonic 2012, Sonic & Sega All-Stars racing, Super Street Fighter 4, Black Ops, Borderlands and others. Was great fun!
Posted 08:45 on 27 February 2012
andyb2610's Avatar


Started Deus Ex: HR this week - quite liking it so far, trying to be as stealthy as possible but cannot seem to resist the all out assualt option....
Posted 08:26 on 27 February 2012
thedanyrand's Avatar


I got a buddy of mine into Portal 2 so Iv finally been playin the co op. I also am working on getting my platinum trophy for the first Jak and Daxter and just started the other 2.
Posted 00:35 on 27 February 2012
munkee's Avatar


I started the week playing Rage and was enjoying it very much. A bit too much travelling around chatting, but when the shoot-out's begin the game is in it's element. Nobody makes a shooter quite like id. I would swap you 100 Call of Duty's for another id corridor shooter.

Half way through the week I bought a PS Vita which has subsequently absorbed all of my gaming time. Everybody's Golf and Wipeout 2048 are both great and I have sampled a few of the demo's..

But, Motorstorm RC is where its at! It is so good. Micro Machines/Super Skidmarks for the new millennium. The tracks are all really well laid out and the RC's are a joy to drive, even the fast as ***** one's later on as you progress. The game even has drift challenges that are incredibly good fun. The real treat of the game has to be the social integration. The Facebook/Twitter thing doesn't interest me, but the realtime updating of friends lap times and the traced racing lines that they took to acquire said lap times. Superb. If you have Vita.. Buy it!
Posted 22:37 on 26 February 2012
squidman's Avatar


I'm not quite sure why people are thanking me this week but you are both very welcome.

I would enchant my armour but I'm not quite sure how to not bugger it all up yet!
Posted 21:00 on 26 February 2012

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