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Rayman Origins screenshot
Rayman Origins screenshot

Video games retailer GAME will not be stocking Ubisoft's PS Vita launch titles, the firm has confirmed.

"At this time we will not be selling the following Ubisoft titles; Lumines Electronic Symphony, Michael Jackson: The Experience, Rayman Origins, Asphalt Injection and Dungeon Hunter Alliance," explained the retailer in a statement given to VG247.

"All customers affected by this decision have been made aware of the situation and we will continue to communicate any updates to customers through our Twitter and Facebook feeds."

Titles from other publishers will be stocked.

No reason for not stocking the titles has been given, but it seems likely to be related to GAME's troubles with credit insurance enabling it to acquire stock.

PS Vita launches in the UK on February 22 and can be yours for as little as £210 with a free 8GB memory card from Add a game for only £15.

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You can get games in those places, but the point is that selection is usually about as good as Supermarkets (ie not very).

I don't believe trade ins will be going any time soon, much as some in the industry would like and I give it another 2 generations before digital download only happens, that's how long it will take before Broadband infrastructure is fast enough. By then it will be streaming as much as downloading anyway.
Posted 20:47 on 22 February 2012
dudester's Avatar


1. is wrong hmv are (just about) still in business, you can still get games in the likes of argos can you not? Currys do them even if the selection is crap, even whsmith would probably offer a service without game around. They may not have that specialist game store anymore but if there is a viable marketplace there someone will always step into the void.

2 Trades in could be null and void in the generation and almost certainly will when the move to digital downloads only kicks in.

3. Agreed but maybe that will force marketing to be smarter and work harder at gaining attention for a product.
Posted 20:39 on 22 February 2012


Again, each shop is run differently and some obviously work because I know the ones I frequent are still doing fairly well and are annoyed by the situation they find themselves in and the customers seem to be happy with the service, bar price issues.

Several reasons why the industry doesn't want to lose GAME:

1) Casual customers who will always buy physical goods from a bricks and mortar store will only have Supermarkets. If you think GAME don't care about their customers then these lot are even worse. They will also stock only certain titles and although GAME are finding it difficult to stock some titles at the moment due to their credit agreements (which is being sorted) they're usually better for a wider choice than the alternatives.

2) Trade in. Whether you use it or not or whether the few developers who shout the loudest hate it, Trade In is the only way some people will get to experience new games and it avoids a huge pile of games ending up in a room somewhere gathering dust, or in the bin.

3) Publishers have a much more 'in-your-face' advertising source with a shop window and floor. Standees, posters and deals all remind customers of new games. Not everyone frequents gaming websites each and every day.
Posted 17:57 on 22 February 2012
draytone's Avatar


It's that kind of corporate attitude that has helped to add to the companies decline. I like a service when I go into a shop to spend my money, if I didn't want service I would buy it off Amazon.
Posted 15:53 on 22 February 2012
dudester's Avatar

dudester@ draytone

I have interviewed there for a managers job in the past and I can assure its only about the upsell the person interviewing me actually said they wanted to get customers through the till and back out the shop as quick as possible.
Posted 15:14 on 22 February 2012
draytone's Avatar


I know a few people who have worked there and they have all said it's quite an oppressive atmosphere to work in, its more about the up-sell than actually providing a good service.

I haven't bought much from GAME in a few years, at one point however it was my only source of games. Not a massive fan of purple either.
Posted 14:54 on 22 February 2012
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ pblive

And you seem to be basing your response solely on my dislike of GAME. I ask again, WHY will the loss of a chain that most who buy games on a repeated basis have long since abandoned be detrimental to the industry? We didn't just turn our back on them for no reason, and I see stories everywhere, which I can back up myself, of gamers who would be quite happy to shop at GAME and even pay that little extra if the experience itself wasn't so frustrating. When I walk in to the store to buy a replacement DS stylus, the monkey behind the register shouldn't be asking me if I have any games to trade in today. He almost certainly doesn't want to say the words, but knows that his manager will be all over him if he doesn't. And that, as much as the price, is what has stopped me from shopping there for games and instead has me calling in in passing on the off-chance there is something unmissable.

Originally Posted by draytone
When the 'leading' Games retailer on the high street stops stocking launch titles something has gone very wrong.
Posted 14:11 on 22 February 2012
Wido's Avatar


Oh! My local GAME didn't have any of the 3G models of the Vita. They wasn't sold out of those versions, just that the stock wasn't there. The manager also couldn't say when they will be in store only 'soon'. A lot of people in the line was angry because of it.

Anybody else's local GAME had the same problem?
Posted 13:08 on 22 February 2012

pblive@ CheekyLee

You seem to be basing much of your response on an open hatred of GAME.

Yes, their prices are higher and could be lowered, but overheads mean that they need to charge more, as do HMV. Supermarkets have far more power to buy in bulk and offer 'loss leading' prices on games because they don't specialise. It's just the same with GAME vs Independents.

They haven't managed to get Ubisoft stock because the current system relies on a chain of credit and insurance that GAME have only just renegotiated and it's still filtering through to suppliers. Ubisoft Vita games are due in at the end of the week, but I'm sure GAME would have liked to get them for launch.

Staff in the stores I've been to actually seem friendly and knowledgeable and willing to help non-gamers as well as chat to us gamers. Obviously, a less well staffed shop will suffer and give a bad impression, but this just means the managers of that shop really need to change their recrutment process.
Posted 13:04 on 22 February 2012
draytone's Avatar


When the 'leading' Games retailer on the high street stops stocking launch titles something has gone very wrong.
Posted 13:02 on 22 February 2012
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ CheekyLee

I see your point, but you're one of how many? Not defending GAME in any shape or form, as they are complete rip-off merchants.

I may dislike GAME when it comes to their pricing, trade-ins (At times), but if GAME happen to disappear from the high street. The videogame industry in the UK is losing part of it's heritage.

A lot of people use GAME and pay their prices. I have said to many people looking at games when I am currently browsing, saying that you can get it cheaper elsewhere, mainly internet or supermarket. Regardless of the competitive market it has now become. GAME have done well to last this long to finally hit home, that their infrastructure is in tatters.

I still believe the high street is more important than compared to the internet for games. I'm not grumbling either if I can get the game/hardware/accessories cheaper on the net than high-street, however. Though saying that... I prefer to purchase my consoles in-store than online. I have always been like that, as it's just that nostalgia feeling when I have purchased consoles in the past, same with some games to release via midnight launches. Gears 3 being the ever so recent one I went too, and no doubt I will go to the Halo 4 midnight launch 'IF' GAME are still around by then.
Posted 13:01 on 22 February 2012
dudester's Avatar


If game do go I would hope to see many of the independent stores return to the high streets.
Posted 12:51 on 22 February 2012
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ pblive

Originally Posted by pb
Whether you like them or not, losing GAME would be detrimental to the industry.
I keep hearing this, but don't see anything to suggest that it is based on anything other than GAME wheeling this exact line out. We didn't get any of this when Woolworths went under, and we didn't seem to mind that Ratners shot themselves in the foot and left the High Streets for good. Free-market economies such as ours work on a merit-based system, and GAME have bitten the hands that feed them one too many times. WHEN they go, I will feel for any of the shop staff who lost their jobs, but I won't even blink when wondering what happened to the morons who made all the decisions that led to the collapse.

Put it this way; How much did you spend in GAME in the last 12 months? Out of the £1300 or so I spent on videogames, only about £50 of it was in GAME. I spent more in SAINSBURY'S than I did in the "market leading" specialist chain! Does this on its own not speak volumes? Sainsbury's sells things cheaper than GAME does, and they got MORE MONEY from me. And my local Sainsbury's isn't even one of the big ones, having a bizarre selection on shelf at any given time.
Posted 09:41 on 22 February 2012
dudester's Avatar


At a guess they looked at what stock would be available for those titles and decided to let gamestation take that stock due to their being less gamestation stores then game so wouldn't have to spread it so thinly that cause complaints.
Posted 07:40 on 22 February 2012


GAME obviously can't just get stock from all suppliers without having to pre-pay for it, which is why they're in this situation.

At a shop level they can't do anything and most of the GAME staff I know are fed up with head office decisions. I guess, despite the companies being owned by the same overall company, there must be wholly seperate divisions that look after money, orders etc because gamestation don't seem to have these issues.

My thoughts go out to GAME staff in these uncertain times.

Whether you like them or not, losing GAME would be detrimental to the industry.
Posted 23:38 on 21 February 2012

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