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Activision Blizzard goes independent in $8.2 billion buyout

Kotick and partner stump up $100 million of their own money.

Publish date Jul 26 2013 Plays Feb 2, 2013

This week the team has been playing Football Manager 2013, Black Ops Declassified, and Chivalry.

13 Publish date Feb 3 2013

Vicarious Visions was developing Black Ops 2 for Vita

Portable port was in the works at Guitar Hero dev before project became Declassified, report claims.

Publish date Dec 6 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops 2 is No.1 with biggest launch of 2012

The fourth biggest week one total of all time in the UK.

1 Publish date Nov 19 2012

Black Ops Declassified is 45 minutes long

Single-player campaign can be finished in under an hour, critics claim.

4 Publish date Nov 15 2012

Black Ops Declassified dev to quit retail game development

Will focus on digital and mobile games under the new nStigate Games brand.

1 Publish date Oct 18 2012

Black Ops Declassified release date is November 13

North American version features bonus Call of Duty: Roads to Victory download.

Publish date Oct 16 2012

Judging Vita before its first Christmas is "preposterous" - Sony

But admits that it would "love to be further along" with sales of the handheld.

14 Publish date Oct 11 2012

No Zombies mode for Black Ops Declassified

Multiplayer took priority.

2 Publish date Oct 8 2012

Black Ops Declassified bundle copy is digital

That 4GB Memory Card might not go as far as you thought it would.

4 Publish date Sep 26 2012

The Week in Review: Gamescom 2012 sausage and beer special

The Week in Review is a weekend feature which casts a gaze over the week which has just been, hoping to point your eyes in the direction of news, features, videos and reviews which I deem to be worthy of your precious time.

Publish date Aug 17 2012

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