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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 screenshot
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 screenshot

PlayStation 3 owners were left wanting when THQ canned the PS3 version of WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007, but THQ has confirmed that the 2008 edition is most definitely coming to PS3.

Last year's effort was released on Xbox 360, PS2 and PSP and these platforms are joined by the PS3, Wii and DS for the 2008 release.

"We are extremely pleased with the success of the SmackDown vs. Raw franchise and its continued growth to a widespread audience, particularly in our European markets," said Bob Aniello, senior vice president, worldwide marketing, THQ. "With the addition of fresh, innovative game play on the Wii, the tremendous capabilities of the PlayStation 3 system and unique handheld experiences for Nintendo DS and wireless devices, gamers can now truly live the life of a WWE Superstar and choose from numerous ways to play."

New features for the 2008 edition include the addition of eight "Superstar Fighting Styles" that will differentiate wrestlers from one another. Also new is a "Struggle Submission System" that will give players further control of grapples allowing adjustments to each hold's pressure.

There's also good news for ECW fans, with the inclusion of ECW arenas, weapons and superstars all confirmed. The game will also feature new rosters, more environmental hotspots, a combined Season and General Manager mode and, wait for it... touch screen control for the DS version.

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 will be released in the autumn.

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Owen's Avatar
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hornswaggle shouled come out and be him in the ring and whup ass
Posted 21:05 on 21 December 2008
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can sum1 PLEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZ tell me how to get hidden superstars on svr 2008 (ps2 version)???????????? THX!!
Posted 02:54 on 31 July 2008
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can sum1 help me get hidden superstars on svr 2008 (ps2 version)?
Posted 02:52 on 31 July 2008
TweaK's Avatar
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is jeff hardy in the game?
Posted 06:04 on 28 April 2008
NIC2746371's Avatar
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Posted 19:40 on 27 April 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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i need a cheat to smackdown vs raw 2008. do you have one??????????????????
Posted 19:36 on 27 April 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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maria is a hidden character in sd v r 2008, that sucks!!!
Posted 19:34 on 27 April 2008
Wilm's Avatar
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Why is brock lesnar not in the game man im his biggest fan!!!
Posted 01:18 on 23 April 2008
dudester's Avatar


Awful this year and so much potential I thought they would at least try and expand the online modes for ps3 and 360 lets be honest they are very basic and no different from the old ps2 online mode.

Why not have downloadable content like additional wrestlers or legends or match types?

I know the TNA game is out this year well so could force THQ to put some life into the series rather then release the same game year on year.

But I feel they could do with a changing the developer of the game to take it forward.
Posted 01:55 on 18 January 2008
Wido's Avatar


It's a terrible game, SvR 07 is better. In SvR 08 hardly no wrestlers were are the divas!!! I at least expected a "Bra & Panty" match at least.
Posted 18:40 on 08 January 2008
christornothing913's Avatar


i got a question n thought maybe someone here would kno tha answer
but im kinda havin this problem in 24/7 mode on this game and i dunno if thats just tha way tha game is but like i already beat tha whole season and im startin a new season now but its like tha same story line all over again the only thing that changed was tha sallary that they are payin me and the locker room thats it, duzz anyone have any advice on that?

and also while im in 24/7 mode, they ask me questions on tha voice mail thing and stuff when u can decide on wat u wanna do like leaving a show and going to another or watever, well when i get tha choice, and pick 1, like say they ask me if i wanna change shows and i say yes i do, nothing happens im on the same show still and nothing changes through out tha whole season, they basically answer questions for me and they are usually tha opposite of wat i want duzz anyone have any advice on that?

if anyone duzz, that would be a major big help
thanks 2 any1 that can help with advice

and 1 more thing... i think that this years game SUCKS compared to last years... last year had better graphics and a better story line and was better on tha way u could put stats on ur CAW threw winning matches n not freakin stupid ol training.. tha only thing really good on this is tha CAW mode and thats not even THAT diffrent.... big whoop... SDvsRAW08 SUCKZ...
Posted 11:23 on 04 January 2008
sean's Avatar
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the Fabulous Moolah should be on the wwe 2008 because she dead now and she was only 80 years old and i think she should be a woman's legend killer
Posted 13:01 on 11 November 2007
Marques_Boyce's Avatar


wwe fan dat would be tight if tha went to war but you feel like hookin a boy up with some tickets yo

I think that Trish should come back and give Victoria a good ass whooping

I think everybody dat in wrestling entertaniment now shud be in SVR 08 especially John Cena, Bobby Lashley, Batista, Rey Mysterio, The Hardys, legends, and plenty more favrites and I really go with what Bazerk said on page 5

When I play SVR 08 with John Cena I'm going to whoop the sh*t out of Randy Orton
Posted 05:33 on 08 October 2007
Trish.'s Avatar
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Victoria Deserves To be on the game more than any Diva, And this game, wouldn't be Right wiothout, Victoria.
Posted 04:44 on 16 September 2007
Jewel.'s Avatar
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Offical Divas Roster.
Kelly Kelly.
Posted 04:41 on 16 September 2007

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