The Sims 2: Pets

The Sims 2: Pets Cheats for PSP


Love and care for your new best friend in The Sims 2: Pets.

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Cheats & Hints 1

Cheat Gnome:
While playing, press L, L, R, X, X, Up.

Pet points:

While playing, press Triangle, Circle, X, Square, L1, R1.

Advance time 6 hours:

While playing, press Up, Left, Down, Right, R1.


While playing, press Triangle, Up, left, Down, Right.

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User Comments

ultraviolet8s's Avatar

ultraviolet8s@ sat09

hey. i'm alexandra.

with mine it didn't work as well. but now it does. try taking the game out and stuff. then try at the park. don't go near the toilets in the park at first, then once you put in L L R XX UP look for it. then when you have the gnome then you put in the stuff for simoleons and pet points and stuff.

i still don't know how to fast forward six hours but....still. reply if you can please!
Posted 16:25 on 28 July 2009
ultraviolet8s's Avatar

ultraviolet8s@ bestpaladinman

try the park?
Posted 16:22 on 28 July 2009
ultraviolet8s's Avatar

ultraviolet8s@ georgia

hey georgia. no need for sarcasm. have you tried it in the park?
Posted 16:22 on 28 July 2009
ultraviolet8s's Avatar

ultraviolet8s@ sam

are you sure your typing the right thing?
Posted 14:32 on 28 July 2009
ultraviolet8s's Avatar

ultraviolet8s@ Sophi

AAAAHHHH!!!! OMG!!! thank you sooooo much! it worked!!!! i'm like fully loaded on money and everything! thank you! thank you! thank you!
Posted 14:31 on 28 July 2009
ultraviolet8s's Avatar


you know what sucks.....i did it on one account thing that was going real bad and then i look on this site, found the cheat and then it worked for the pet points. this made me think if i restart the game and don't make simoleons into pet points and use the gnome thing instead i'd be loaded! but it doesn't work now! DAMN IT!!!!!!!
Posted 14:24 on 28 July 2009
bubbles123's Avatar


does anyane know if on sims 2 pets people can have babies
Posted 21:57 on 27 July 2009
andy61's Avatar


I don't get it on the directly controle ur pet do you controle him or what? Cuz if u can move him thanit's not working!
Posted 22:58 on 15 June 2009
Usman543's Avatar

Usman543@ thesimscollecter0125

Posted 20:23 on 13 May 2009
Usman543's Avatar

Usman543@ iiloveyou

Posted 20:19 on 13 May 2009
Usman543's Avatar


ive tried da money cheat it aint workin
Posted 20:13 on 13 May 2009
iiloveyou's Avatar


Hae.iF u want to find the gnome.when u arrive at the Park. [[GO!]] to the bathroom thats to the leFt oF the Pet Salon.Then once ur there it should be ah tree like leaning on to the bathrooms.u put in the code L>L>R>X>X>UP then wait for like 3 seconds.....iF it appears by the light pole close to the bush away From the arrow sign to go home then u put it in correctly. iim not quite sure about that Directly control pets (ok) but then iF you want money[[$10.000]] type in TRIANGLE>UP>DOWN>LEFT>RIGHT then go back to the gnome sometimes it disappears u just have to retype in the gnome cheat ,and thats it and the same with pet points TRIANGLE>CIRCLE>X>SQUARE>L>R and go to gnome and activate them as many times as u want.iF this helps ur welcome iF it doesnt them iiL re-explain a LiiL better.Does it HELP??and this is onlii For PSP.
Posted 02:04 on 24 April 2009
y's Avatar


you stupid website u lucky i dont cus u out this crap dont even work!!!! dont be puttin stuff that dont work watch wut im going to do
Posted 19:19 on 16 April 2009
kids's Avatar


Duz any1 no how 2 directly ctrl pets cuz its not a very understanding cheat, And yes i can spell im just using talk language if you start laghing @ me.
Posted 09:34 on 16 April 2009
kids's Avatar

kids@ georgia

You need to go to the park georgia so it can work
Posted 09:27 on 16 April 2009

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