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Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition screenshot
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition screenshot

The new movie will be released to coincide with the video game's 20th anniversary in 2008. A report in Variety says that the film will focus on Chun Li and the script is being penned by Justin Marks. Capcom has responded to the reports, refreshingly coming out and saying "It's true! - certainly not the usual "no comment" or "no current plans" answer.

A new Street Fighter has a lot to live up to, with the 1994 live action movie staring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kylie Minogue still lodged in our nightmares. Here's hoping Van Damme returns as Guile and revives his career.

There's currently no information on cast or a director.

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Hello: PROG-G I am happy to hear that Capcom and Hyfr Park are involved in making a new Street Fighter film. Street Fighter needs to start over fresh with a new storyline and recreate the first original characters. Ryu, Ken, Colonel Guile, Chun-Li, E. Honda, and so forth. THey will be World Warrior Fighters this time, General M. Bison will be a more powerful, and destructive dictator than the version Raul Julia played in the first film. I want Van Damme to come back as Gulie he looked the role and fought the role. I will miss Raul Julia as M. Bison I hope that they find someone who fits the character in the following sequels. Damian Chapa commented on coming back as Ken Masters, I don't know if Byron Mann will return as Ryu Hoshi but, if he is in good shape I want him to play Ryu again. Udon should be involved in the film to the are responsible for the success of the Street Fighter comic book series, they are now publishing spin-off series to Street Fighter like Dark Stalkers, and Rival Schools. Others that Udon is doing are Tomb Raider, Resident Evil my favorite Video game undead series, they are planning two more Resident Evil fims the next one, will be out next year called, Resident Evil: Extinction, starring Milla Jovovich as Alice again, and Ali Larter playing Chris Redfield's sister Claire Redfield. Other Udon Comics I did not mention were Exalted, and Silent Hill a scarier version of Resident Evil. THey also, have created a SNK V.S. Capcom: Chaos comic book series the chapters are at 5 and 6 now. Well, take care everyone. I want to see Feilong appear in the follow-up series of Street Fighter he is one of the New Challenger characters and there was no excuse for them to not have involved him in the the first live-Action film. Capcom made some comment that he resembled Bruce Lee big deal he is still a Street Fighter involve him, they already involved Cammy, DeeJay, and T. Hawk, but not FeiLong Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! FeiLong to my surprise did appear in the Live-Action Street Fighter Arcade game in the background he was chained up inside M. Bison's fortress. Peace!!!
Posted 19:24 on 03 November 2006

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