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Star Wars Battlefront II screenshot

LucasArts' Star Wars Battlefront series has been a huge hit and its third instalment, currently in development at Free Radical (TimeSplitters), is now said to be an exclusive title for the Xbox 360.

The news comes from UK video games magazine PSW, but there is little to back up the story. It would be a huge coo for Microsoft to have secured Battlefront III, especially given that it is the highest selling Star Wars game.

Don't go selling your new PS3 so you can pick up an Xbox 360 just yet though, it's probably best to wait for official news from LucasArts first.

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Ok so i heard that a ex Lucasarts worker posted new stuff coming out and half of what he's talking about is true. This game is multiplatform except for pc (sorry guys i know your pain). Anyway yeah 6 platform game and it's supposed to come out March 15, 2009. They call this the Lucasarts secret project. These are all rumors but strong rumors. It's for ps3, xbox360, wii, ps2, psp, and ds. The lucasarts worker that was fired (because of the economy workers were layed off) was talking about a new mmo called The Old Republic which he's right it's coming out. Star wars battlefront III which was a rumor until it was turned to a strong rumor whenl a amazon member put info about the game on amazon until they took it off due to dramatic media attention. And he was saying about a next gen indiana jones game which is all over

I just did research yesterday and i found stuff everywhere about it. If u don't believe me spend like 5 hours looking this up on google.

Avoid searching on youtube for this game they'll make u really mad. (trust me)
Posted 18:43 on 22 December 2008
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I thought Lucas Arts stopped making the battlefront games, seeing as there is a new verison on the PSP. I think this game might give Warhawk a run for its money when it comes out, Warhawk is running on the same lines as battlefront. It would be good to comapre them both if, a new star wars battlefront is true. *Hopeing for VG to write a review if its true, and compare to Warhawk on the PSN.*
Posted 10:25 on 16 March 2008
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I really hope it will be out soon
Posted 21:52 on 15 March 2008
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yay, if this true my m8 might be able to get a 360, his dad are star wars nerd
Posted 13:36 on 11 March 2008
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if it is true then $ony must have lost all the major developers to the 360 then
Posted 10:20 on 23 March 2007

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