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PES 2014 screenshot

PES is to be "totally changed" for this year's release, Konami has revealed, citing 2014 as a "transitional year for the franchise".

Discussing this year's title with MCV, Konami Europe head Shinji Hirano revealed that while he "can't say certain things about PES 2015... we are ready to make a comeback.

"I cannot give details on exactly what we are doing with the UK studio, but they are working on the next project and looking at the needs of the European people. It's about globalising the franchise, so it is not just being developed by Japanese people."

Konami opened a UK arm of PES Productions in 2012, which is believed to be heavily involved in the development of a next-gen version of PES.

And the publisher appears to have recognised mistakes it has made with the series in recent years, and has big hopes to revive it with this year's title.

"We know what's been going wrong with PES," added Hirano, "we are working on that. The next version is totally changed. 2014 is a transitional year for the franchise, so expect big things."

Konami skipped a next-gen release of PES 2014 last year, despite the two consoles being available shortly after the game's initial release.

Instead, the series will be making its next-gen debut on PS4 – and presumably Xbox One – later this year.

Source: MCV | Issue 773

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User Comments

FlorentVerbal's Avatar


PES was good for a long time they totally lost it ...

But i have to admit i was a fan of PES during many years and one day one of my friend left Fifa 12 at my place...
And ... I couldn't resist .. i tried.

Finally i kept it ! :P And here i am... Fifa 14 ! haha.
Posted 04:43 on 13 June 2014


Same old story from Konami and Seabass, starting to sound like liverpool fans, next year is our year yada yada, I still prefer Pro Evo over FIFA any day, but I would like PES to reclaim its throne from EA and their shallow game.
Posted 20:16 on 12 June 2014
Skulls316's Avatar


Pes needs to put in a classic master league mode instead of this manager mode I'd buy a managerial game if I wanted one master league hasn't been the same since 2009 and the earlier editions of the game it was a fun pick up and play game stop trying to be boring FIFA and go back to the good old basics that made pes unique and the best football game around
Posted 20:49 on 08 March 2014
iceno1's Avatar

iceno1@ WhatISayGoes

Well that was said when pes was on ps2...then look what happened when ps3/xbox360 came out....another next gen era and Konami is looking to take their crown back!
Posted 19:51 on 31 January 2014
iceno1's Avatar


Hopefully exclusive to Playstation again...they kicked ass on PS2...PS3/XBOX360 not so much...FIFA ran riot with the licenses and gameplay improvements..i love PES but PES2014 was a joke! stadium editor no weather effects...the engine looked great but normal rrp for a unfinished game...alot of probs with online and how slow the game played...player movement felt clunky very slow to make passes and powering it to fifa and fifa plays better but fifa still matter what ea do to fifa its no pro evo...all konami has to do is add a decent soundtrack...great looking crowd...add more realistic atmosphere...more player faces...more licenses...english premier league has to be added!...speed up the time you press the button and when the pass,lob,shot gets made...I love pro evo and every year I've wanted it to kickass and every year its failed..ea has so many online modes,coop modes,Ultimate team...konami should add a classic world cup mode where you can play as the legends like a 1994 USA world cup with maradona...bring back every player that has played previous world cups like brazils Ronaldo,Beto and Romario.
I have FIFA14 on PS4 and it sucks...ultimate team is the best mode but is ready for the hackers as i found out recently...
Posted 19:47 on 31 January 2014
f00man's Avatar


I hope the best for PES. I will probably give PES15 a chance. I hate EA with a passion. Go PES!!
Posted 19:10 on 30 January 2014
WhatISayGoes's Avatar


I can't ever see PES catching up with FIFA, it is just too far behind now.
Posted 13:43 on 30 January 2014
Bretty's Avatar



It's been awful for an entire generation. FIFA was in the same slump for years but kicked itself up the arse. I hope Konami do the same with PES15… and actually release a game with all its modes incorporated straight away rather than the slow drip release of all its features with the most recent version.
Posted 11:49 on 30 January 2014

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