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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite screenshot

Capcom has announced that on July 3 it will open The Gathering Hall, the UK's first and only dedicated Monster Hunter gaming centre.

Monster Hunter has been a huge hit in Japan and has given rise to a new form of social gaming. Players can be found in most tube compartments, in many cafés and fast food restaurants, and even just congregating on street corners. Festivals have been held in all the major cities attracting thousands of players and Monster Hunter package holidays are also popular.

The new Monster Hunter centre, located nearby Tottenham Court Road tube station in central London, aims to help replicate the social success of the game in Japan. People will be able to meet other players easily, download exclusive quests and learn how to play on dedicated tutorial nights.

The Gathering Hall will be open seven days a week and entrance will be free and exclusive to anyone with a PSP and copy of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is scheduled for release on June 26. The Gathering Hall can be found at 121 Charing Cross Road.

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User Comments

CrustyJockStrap's Avatar

CrustyJockStrap@ DarthKratos7

Monster Hunter has a hard core following in Europe, Granted it's not as popular a Japan but if you go onto Capcom Europe forums MH section you can see the high demands for somthing like this.

I do like MH but i am not a hard core fan so I doubt i would attend anything like this.

I bet it does make it's way to the States and just coz you don't like it or a fan of the game does not mean the demand isn't out their.

MH is all about sharing and gavering and in the UK they have been setting up meets on the PSP for this for since MH F2 came out and they have always been popular even get people coming in from other european countrys to participate.
Posted 23:45 on 11 June 2009


Pointles comment is pointles :S Clearly Capcom disagrees with you ah. Sure it wont be the last.

Any way, This is a game i will check out with my PSP go for sure.
Posted 21:19 on 11 June 2009
DarthKratos7's Avatar


wow this is unbelievable. This game is not that good, for capcom to be building a centre for it seriously. I hope this doesn't make it's way to the states.
Posted 20:51 on 11 June 2009

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