Metal Gear Acid 2 for PSP

Metal Gear Acid 2

Sequel to Konami's Metal Gear card battling game.

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Kojima Productions announcement to 'shake' the industry

Fox Engine and more to be shown at Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event on August 30.

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50 Shades of Gray Fox

The original story that became this summer's sizzling best-seller.

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10 Games that should be banned instead of Manhunt 2

Pro-G picks out the games the BBFC should be paying real attention to

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Metal Gear Solid 4 in 3D!

Watch the Tokyo Game Show Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer in 3D.

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Metal Gear Acid 2 to use 3D peripheral

Metal Gear Acid 2 on the PSP will be bundled with a special peripheral so that parts of the game can be viewed in 3D.

Publish date Sep 15 2005

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BC_Animus's Avatar

Thing is though the classics sold well enough in their own time, enough to survive and be passed onto to our modern day world. It scares me to think what our legacy would be to the future...

Top 10 Games that should be banned instead of Manhunt 2 in Article Comments

xboxlive's Avatar

lol likeing this read. you got some good joke in there too. lol keep up the fun

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Release Date: 19/05/2006
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Action
No. Players: 1-2
Rating: BBFC 15
Site Rank: 16,261 65
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