So, 2008 then? What a year. Everyone thought it would struggle following the stupendous year for quality games that was 2007, but it hasn't. There's been more 9/10 games than we can remember a year having, and even some perfect 10s. Yeah, 2008's been great, but that's not what you're here to be told. You're here for our run down of the top 50 games of the year. We'll be counting down 10 games at a time till Christmas day itself when we'll unleash the top 10 in a special video feature, and reveal what game's nailed's coveted best game of 2008 award. Here's 30 to 21. Oh, and in case you missed them, here's 50 to 41 and 40 to 31.

30. Burnout Paradise, EA - 360 and PS3

What we said: Burnout Paradise is without doubt a marvellous achievement on both consoles. Going back to the standard menu-driven system of the past will be pretty jarring after spending days cruising from event to event in Paradise. For true next-gen arcade racing thrills Burnout Paradise is most definitely your best option. Criterion has delivered a game that every gamer should have in their collection.

29. Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Rockstar - 360 and PS3

What we said: The open-city racer has some pretty impressive games competing for your cash at the moment. Burnout Paradise is offering a seemingly endless stream of new content to play around with in its action-packed fictional city, whereas Midnight Club L.A. is slicker, better designed and gives a more real sense of being in a crowded city. We're happy to play both, and we recommend you do the same.

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Smash Bros. was WAY better than mario kart, and better than banjo-kazooie N & B, this is incorrectly put
Posted 23:31 on 07 February 2009
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No, Midnight Club: Los Angeles is better than Burnout and Grid.
Posted 22:28 on 14 January 2009
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I think Burnout pardise was a lot better than Grid and midnight club.
Posted 12:35 on 26 December 2008
Wido's Avatar


No Barbie yet FM!
Posted 14:49 on 23 December 2008
Karlius's Avatar


Not seen HAZE yet maybe its got the number 1 spot lol
Posted 13:19 on 23 December 2008
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I only own 2 out of the 21-50 range so far, but you got them in the right order I think, i.e. Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts > The Club.

I'm starting to sweat a bit now, I'm hoping that the top 20 contains at least 25 of my favourite titles this year, and that PDC World Championship Darts doesn't make an appearance ;)
Posted 13:17 on 23 December 2008

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