LocoRoco for PSP


Quirky rolling platforming puzzler from Sony exclusively for the PSP.

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Our Verdict: As far as PSP titles go, there is nothing that comes close to being so wonderfully suited to the platform, with every part of its design simply working how you'd want it to.

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PS3 LocoRoco dated in Japan

Motion controlled PSN download set for September 21 release.

Publish date Aug 30 2007

LocoRoco PSP sequel confirmed

Tsutomu Kouno, LocoRoco director feels that feedback from players has been so great he must make a sequel.

1 Publish date Jul 31 2007

New LocoRoco all but confirmed

LocoRoco director Tsutomo Kouno has all but confirmed that a new LocoRoco game is on the way.

Publish date Mar 12 2007

Christmas themed LocoRoco level coming soon

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that a special Christmas themed LocoRoco level will be available from December 11.

Publish date Nov 27 2006

LocoRoco Halloween demo

Sony has released a special Halloween LocoRoco demo for the PSP.

2 Publish date Oct 27 2006

UK Video Game Chart: GTA Liberty City topples FIFA

The budget release of GTA Liberty City Stories on PS2 propelled the game to the top of the chart, dethroning EA's 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Publish date Jun 27 2006

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LocoRoco PSP sequel confirmed in Article Comments

AlvySinger's Avatar

All those virgins I sacrificed to the Gods of video gaming have finally paid off. Still waiting for Gun 2 mind.

LocoRoco Halloween demo in Article Comments

's Avatar

Edit the Eboot.PBP file with a Hex Editor, and change 2.82 to 2.80. It will run.

by Bored

LocoRoco Review in Article Comments

's Avatar

I guess I did like the game...I have played the full game, but i find the game EXTREMLY short. I practically played the whole game in 3 days! I havn't played any other kind of PSP games other than...

by Saara

Game Stats

Release Date: 23/06/2006
Developer: Sony
Publisher: SCEE
Genre: Puzzle
No. Players: One
Rating: PEGI 3+
Site Rank: 1,296 178
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