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LittleBigPlanet is a community-based game with a hugely innovative concept behind it. Players meet on a blue and green planet scattered with individual plots - and use their character's amazing abilities to play, create and share what they build.

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The levels are gorgeous and varied
The levels are gorgeous and varied

The levels are gorgeous and varied

In the pop-it menu you'll also be able to reset your Sackboy if you become trapped, sending him back to the last checkpoint - something that's useful for when you somehow manage to get into an inescapable part of a level. Sadly, I found myself repeatedly having to use it after Sackboy became stuck on an object. A few occurrences over the course of the entire game would have been tolerable, but this happened from the first level onwards, and often numerous times on each level attempt.

Happily the checkpoint system used in the PS3 has been tweaked here. The original used a lives system, so you'd have a certain number of attempts to get past a tricky section, after which you'd be returned to the start of the level instead of a conveniently placed waypoint. In this PSP game the lives system has been replaced by endless restarts, with a return to the last checkpoint simply losing you some points. This makes the tricky sections of the game (and there are a fair few here - perhaps more than in the PS3 game) far less of a headache than they could have been, and should prevent players from experiencing the same levels of frustration that the PS3 game caused.

Many people found the four-player multiplayer of the PlayStation 3 game to be a real time-sink, but that's nowhere to be seen in the PSP game - there isn't even any local wireless play, which is a real shame. As disappointing as that is, there's still a great sense of community, with the level creation and sharing tools of the first game all present and correct. A few tweaks have been made which make the level creation process a less frustrating one, but you're still going to need a fair amount of artistic talent to put together something that doesn't look as if it took five minutes to knock together (and I should know, given how terrible my four-hour-in-the-making disaster is turning out).

Sharing levels is a piece of cake, with tags making it simple to find what you're after. There's obviously going to be loads of rubbish put out into the virtual world, but if the PS3 version has taught us anything, it's that some people will create amazing things. It's too early to tell if that's definitely going to happen here, but assuming the same types of people flock to the PSP game, you should be able to play through a steady stream of user-made masterpieces for some time to come.

It might look cute, but it's incredibly challenging at times.

It might look cute, but it's incredibly challenging at times.

I've already touched on how wonderful LittleBigPlanet looks (bar some slowdown here and there, this is one of the best looking games on the system), but the audio deserves special mention too. Whether you're listening to one of the many velvet-toned voiceovers by the suave Stephen Fry or mindlessly humming along to each level's soundtrack, the care that's been lavished upon this game is abundantly clear. If I'm being picky, the load times are a tad longer than ideal, even when running from the hard drive on the PSPgo, and there's a slight roughness to some of the objects, but these are minor issues that really don't get in the way of what is a stunningly well put together PSP game.

I've jumped around a bit over scoring for LittleBigPlanet on PSP. At one stage the irritating frequency at which my Sackboy got stuck had me donning my scrooge hat, but despite that I keep flicking up my PSPgo's screen to have one more go. In truth, this is something I rarely did with the PS3 original once I'd written the review, so Cambridge Studio has definitely done something very right. It's flawed in places, but it's still one of the PSP's best games and an absolutely essential purchase.

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jakeistheman's Avatar


great ill be geting the original on the PS3 soon but this version looks great aswell.
Posted 12:34 on 10 November 2009
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


Woah, nice to see the title to make a smooth transition!
Posted 10:20 on 10 November 2009
dav2612's Avatar


I'll certainly be getting this and I think the lack of multiplayer suits me better, it annoyed me a little that I would need another person to get 100% of the items in a lot of the PS3 levels.
Posted 09:14 on 10 November 2009

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