Interact with the environment, using the PSP Camera to look for invisible creatures that lurk around every corner. Score:


Our Verdict: Invizimals is a fun game that has enough novelty value for gamers to look past its flaws. Not for adults, but kids will enjoy the mix of real world and virtual world gameplay.

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Invizimals dev to work exclusively on Sony platforms

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that Barcelona-based game development studio Novarama Technology had signed a deal which will see the company developing games exclusively for SCEE and Sony platforms.

Publish date Jun 29 2011

Invizimals can be as successful as Pokemon

Lead designer doesn't, however, see the game as Sony's answer to Nintendo's blockbuster franchise.

3 Publish date Sep 8 2009

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Invizimals can be as successful as Pokemon in Article Comments

MattKB's Avatar

Got quite excited about the new one after the last podcast, only to have the hopes and dreams come crashing down after the final few minutes. Miller you bastard

by MattKB

[Survey] Augmented reality + Narrative in General Gaming

FantasyMeister's Avatar

Does location-based gaming like the stuff Red Robot Labs makes count as augmented reality? E.g. it's basically a scenario overlaid on real world maps, as in Life is Crime and Life is Magic.

Invizimals Review in Article Comments

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Hey look they restyled Tony The Tiger on the front cover!

Game Stats

Release Date: 13/11/2009
Developer: Sony
Publisher: Sony
Genre: Kids
No. Players: 1-2
Rating: PEGI 7+
Site Rank: 2,030 469
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