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According to an article on Deadline Hollywood Daily Fox Atomic owns the rights to any future Grand Theft Auto movie because of a 1977 picture of the same name which starred and was directed by Ron Howard.

"Yes, Fox owns the... movie. Yes, it has been one of 400 development projects for several years. But they are nowhere on the script. It has certainly not been a front-burner project," explained a studio insider.

Deadline Hollywood Daly also notes that a supposed legal settlement is in place which prevents Rockstar from making a GTA movie and Corman/Howard/Fox from making a video game using the title.

If a GTA movie did see the light of day would you prefer to see an all-new story or a film based on one of the existing video games? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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play dis game GTA
Posted 13:12 on 26 June 2008
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why can't they just give it another title? given the games are far more in depth than just stealing cars now. i think if they were to try and make gta4 into they'd have to cut to much from the overall story and that would lead to fan dissappointment whereas an original story with the rockstar name would prove to be popular
Posted 11:40 on 23 June 2008

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