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Final Fantasy XIII screenshot
Final Fantasy XIII screenshot

VideoGamer.com: You're also the producer on Final Fantasy XIII. The demo was recently released in Japan bundled with the Blu-ray release of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete, and has contributed to an increase in PS3 sales. Will a demo come to the West? If so, how might it be packaged?

YK: The demo version we released in Japan, we currently have no plan of doing that abroad, partly because we are going to carry on with the project alongside the Xbox version, so we really can't just make it available only for the PS3. But we hear that the demo version normally means something that you can download in the West, so that is a possibility we would like to check.

VideoGamer.com: We understand that development of the Xbox 360 version won't begin until after development of the PS3 version has finished. Is that true? If so, has development of the Xbox 360 version began?

YK: When it comes to the basic engine it's likely we are going to keep them on the go simultaneously. But the finishing touches, the details, the PS3 version will be completed first, then we will move on to 360.

VideoGamer.com: So, the finishing touches of the 360 version haven't begun yet?

YK: We will have to wait until we are done with the PS3 version.

Final Fantasy XIII screenshot

VideoGamer.com: It looks like the game will be coming out in Japan at the end of this year. Can you give us an idea of when the game will be released in the West?

YK: Obviously we would like to release it over here as soon as possible. Traditionally the FF numbered series, it takes about half a year between the release in Japan and the release in North America, and another half a year before it's released in Europe. But we would like to minimise this, this time. For example we have already started recording English voices, and also the text localisation has been in progress, too. Normally we complete the Japanese version first, then move on to the US and EU versions, but this time there are some tasks that are happening simultaneously. So this time we're hoping to release sooner than a year later than the Japanese release.

VideoGamer.com: So there might not be a big gap between the US release and the EU release?

YK: We would like to make the gap as short as possible.

VideoGamer.com: You've worked on many Final Fantasy games down the years. Will Final Fantasy XIII be the best Final Fantasy game ever made?

YK: Yes, I'm convinced it will be the best Final Fantasy game.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is due out for the PSP this Autumn. Final Fantasy XIII is still without a release date.

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