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Army of Two: The 40th Day screenshot
Army of Two: The 40th Day screenshot In the level where you demonstrated the morality system, we saw you're able to get an instant reward in terms of whether or not the weapons cache will be open or closed. Is that as far as the morality system goes?

MT: That's one of the things that will happen in certain circumstances. It'll be weapons caches, and those are placed in logical places. So that one was in that helicopter. That was what they were doing there, they were guarding the crashed helicopter with weapons in it. So they had a reason to be there. They weren't just hanging out in the zoo. So that's the whole idea of pre-combat. But also there will be moments where, depending on how you negotiate a situation, it'll affect your morality as well. So that'll go up or down. You might get immediate rewards with guns or not guns, or whatever they are, money. It'll also affect the relationship between Rios and Salem. So if you are being negative to each other it'll put a rift in there. If not they'll be more loyal. It's that constant push and pull, which is neat. If two players are playing online and one person wants to do one thing and the other wants to do something else, how is that resolved?

MT: Whoever does it first wins. That'll be resolved in various ways. That goes into the big morality moments as well. So whoever presses the button first makes the choice for the team. The idea with that is, we want that to happen. We want you to have to think about things first. So maybe the first time you just hit it - "I did it". No, that's not what I wanted to do, idiot. Let's talk this through next time. So for a good team they might talk through all the stuff, but if you're playing with somebody you don't know or you don't care maybe you'll be an asshole. It's just offering different levels and different ways of playing through the game. Do your decisions affect the story in any way?

MT: At certain points yes, they will affect the story in certain ways, for sure. What I would say is it affects the game in lots of different ways at lots of different times. It's not like doing it a certain way every time will yield the exact same result. Every situation is unique, and it will affect you either with rewards, or no rewards, or story or relationship with your partner or whatever. It has all kinds of different impacts. Is the gameplay affected by having a poor relationship between Salem and Rios?

Army of Two: The 40th Day screenshot

MT: As in like will they not do co-op moves? No. That would be frustrating as you couldn't do stuff. It's more dialogue. Was the morality system inspired by any other games? We've seen karma systems in role-playing games.

MT: We were by no means the first people to do it. BioShock did a cool version of it, with the harvesting of Little Sisters and all that stuff, which was pretty interesting. Playing Fallout 3, where you have a karma system where you can be go good or bad, all that stuff is there in different various forms. I think the way that we have done it in the shooter space is fresh and new. People will be excited by it because it's not typical to that kind of game, right? It's offering a different kind of problem solving within the shooter. I find with a lot of role-playing games it's [a karma system] not what it's about, but it's an integral part of it. You are what you are. Are you evil or are you good? With Bethesda, Oblivion and stuff, everything you do affects it, which is pretty neat. We're on a different level. It's not the same by any stretch but it's appropriate for what we're doing. Is it always clear cut what decision will result in positive morality and what decision will result in negative morality?

MT: There are definite grey areas. And a lot of the morality choices are grey areas where you're not sure what's right and what's wrong. That's intentional. We want to have these people going, ahh, what shall we do here? That's a tough one. Can you give us any examples?

MT: There was the one we showed at E3 - it's the only one we've shown so far. There's a weapons cache. You come in and a security guard comes in and he's like, put the weapons back. It's in the South African consulate. You have a choice. You can disarm him and take the guns or you can put them back. In that situation you'd be like, okay, well, disarming him is not that bad. Whatever, I'll take the guns. And then if you disarm him a bullet ricochets and he dies. You kill him by accident. So it's like, ah, I didn't mean to do that. It's that Pulp Fiction moment of, I shot the guy in the face, I didn't mean to! That's grey in the outcome. We have other ones that are grey as to which one is good and which one is bad, which I think is interesting. So that one will lead you down a different path in terms of the story?

MT: Not completely. At certain points that will affect the story. But not every one will branch.

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