Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Hands-On - Portable Excellence

Batman's return to handhelds is a thing of beauty.

1 Publish date 12:00pm at 08 Sep 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins - Who Needs Next-Gen?

Warner Bros. Montreal sets itself up to prove the naysayers wrong, and how Blackgate is continuing the Arkham legacy.

8 Publish date 12:00pm at 08 Sep 2013

Killzone: Mercenary Hands-On: The Best And Worst Of The Vita

The twin-stick, hi-fidelity handheld shooting experience is finally here. We can't wait to see it go again.

6 Publish date 9:35am at 24 Jul 2013

Rayman Legends Hands-On: Delays, Mini-Games and Massive Potential

Steve went to France to play Rayman Legends. It wasn't much like what he expected, and all the better for it.

2 Publish date 4:59pm at 17 Jul 2013

Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012) Preview

Criterion doesn't make sequels to other people's games, so it's making a Most Wanted all of its own.

8 Publish date 11:53am at 12 Jun 2012

MotorStorm RC Preview

After the big-budget explodamageddon of MotorStorm: Apocalypse made PlayStation 3s buckle earlier in the year, I wouldn't have predicted Evolution Studios' next game to be a cheeky little downloadable racer with teeny-weeny remote controlled cars.

1 Publish date 9:33am at 24 Nov 2011

Street Fighter X Tekken Preview

We go hands-on with Capcom and Namco's head-to-head clash.

Publish date 9:32am at 02 Nov 2011

FIFA Football Preview

Neon goes hands-on with the Vita version of FIFA 12 - a game simulating a sport that he doesn't remotely understand - and comes away impressed.

Publish date 9:00am at 24 Oct 2011

Rayman Origins Preview

One look at its quaint hand-drawn worlds is enough to warm the hearts of even the most jaded, cynical and cold-hearted of gamers.

1 Publish date 9:21am at 25 Aug 2011

Escape Plan Preview

A uniquely hands-on puzzle adventure from the producers of Fat Princess.

Publish date 9:34am at 22 Aug 2011

Resistance Burning Skies Preview

We go hands-on with the first FPS to hit the PlayStation Vita and early signs are very good.

1 Publish date 9:21am at 18 Aug 2011

Sound Shapes Preview

It might have a name duller than a rusty bread knife, but Sound Shapes is probably the most interesting title currently announced for PlayStation Vita.

Publish date 11:05am at 21 Jun 2011

LittleBigPlanet Vita Preview

LittleBigPlanet works surprisingly well as a more tactile experience, masking some of its iffy control quirks and floaty jump mechanics with a bounty of other ways to move Sackboy around.

Publish date 4:01pm at 07 Jun 2011

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Preview

PS Vita game from Bend Studio offers variety of control options without ever forcing them on you.

1 Publish date 2:52pm at 07 Jun 2011

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Preview


Publish date 8:00am at 10 Mar 2011


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