EA announces Netflix-style subscription service

EA Access to offer unlimited access to selected games, launches on Xbox One this summer.

1 Publish date Today, 09:00am

Tekken X Street Fighter hasn’t been canned, insists Harada

"Please relax," says Tekken producer.

Publish date 3:50pm at 28 Jul 2014

The Walking Dead is getting a third season

Season Three confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con.

Publish date 10:02am at 28 Jul 2014

The Swapper coming to Wii U later this year

Wii U version to be 'closer to PS4 than PS3'.

Publish date 4:51pm at 25 Jul 2014

EA secures full Serie A license for FIFA 15

All 20 teams, the Scudetto, Italian commentary and more confirmed for this year's game.

Publish date 10:32am at 25 Jul 2014

Sony agrees to $15m settlement following 2011 PSN hack

US users entitled to a free game or PS Plus subscription.

Publish date 10:37am at 24 Jul 2014

Only the apocalypse would stop Borderlands 3 from happening

Gearbox promises Borderlands 3 'will happen' – but not if asteroids hit first.

Publish date 9:46am at 22 Jul 2014

The Swapper to be Curve Digital's 'last big PS3 game'

Indie publisher done with last-gen as it looks ahead to PS4.

Publish date 8:19am at 21 Jul 2014

Clint Dempsey joins Messi on North American FIFA 15 cover

But there's one key difference between the Xbox One and PS4 box...

Publish date 7:51am at 21 Jul 2014

FIFA 15 'Emotion & Intensity' gameplay trailer

Another bite-sized glimpse at this year's game.

3 Publish date 1:12pm at 18 Jul 2014

Rugby 15 gets first screenshots

Straight to the sin bin?

Publish date 4:34pm at 17 Jul 2014

Uncharted movie to start filming in early 2015

But studio is still looking for somebody to play Nathan Drake.

3 Publish date 12:40pm at 17 Jul 2014

Musical platformer Metrico jumps onto PS Vita next month

Compose yourself.

1 Publish date 4:24pm at 16 Jul 2014

Don't Starve: Reign of Giants DLC hits PS4 next week

Can you survive a whole year?

Publish date 10:33am at 15 Jul 2014

FIFA 15 cover revealed: Messi to star

Further stars to join Argentina striker for international box art.

Publish date 7:52pm at 14 Jul 2014


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