Watch Dogs screenshot
Watch Dogs screenshot

Watch Dogs reviews will go live alongside the game's release next Tuesday, May 27, Ubisoft has confirmed.

Confirmation came via the official Watch Dogs Twitter account which warned fans against "false reviews" currently doing the rounds online.

"Hackers have attempted to infiltrate our system and post false reviews of Watch Dogs," reads the tweet. "All valid reviews will emerge at release on May 27_"

Can't wait until then? Head through here to find out what Steve thought of the game when he went hands on, and come back to next Tuesday to find our final verdict.

Source: @watchdogsgame

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Nxs's Avatar


Like most everyone else, I find it a tad worrisome that the reviews are embargoed til the day of release. All this tells me is that they have no faith in the game and expect people to have already bought it before hand with very little to go on. Tis quite troubling.

However, I am optimistic and open world games usually do well and I think this one well no matter the ***** reviews. (Oh, I believe it will not be reviewed well.) This iteration probably wont be anything special, but it will be worth playing.

Posted 02:35 on 20 May 2014
Endless's Avatar


Clearly i'm the only one whose first thought was: Oh good idea, some reviewers might want to spend a good amount of time with the game while others might do more of a snapshot. Allowing early release of those potentially more shallow reviews could damage the credibility of more in-depth offerings and in turn the perception of the game.

But I guess pessimism is the new black these days. The game is available to pre-order on steam with accompanying videos and screenshots they all look pretty amazing. I'd like to think that if those were all bogus Valve would have something to say about it, as would the Steam community.

Perhaps it's just the console versions that look sub-par?

I'm optimistic, but I accept I am a dying breed.
Posted 22:36 on 19 May 2014
SpotlessMind's Avatar


This does seem odd, and worrying, they've shown so much of the game and been trying to build hype (again) for a while now. It is a big question as to why they would not want reviews. Most likely answer is that they wont say what they want them to say.

Being a fan of open world games, and from what i've seen, I cant imagine I'll hate playing this but this is just another thing on a big list of things that makes me go "Ehh...okay". Having said that the multiplayer seems pretty darn fun.
Posted 14:48 on 19 May 2014


This kinda reminds me of the Arkham Origins review situation, which was spotty or nearly non-existent. until the release day. Either Watch_Dogs is *****, or more likely is they have little confidence it will meet expectations they set for themselves and the public has set (like Origins I suspect).
Fortunately, I love open world in games so I doubt there'll be much difference there, I'm just concerned it will falter in the variety of what I can do.
Posted 13:56 on 19 May 2014


It's always very suspicious. Legit review of the title or not, the gameplay video linked in that "hacked" review makes the game look really, really trash. Not nextgen at all.
Posted 13:23 on 19 May 2014

skidoosh@ Neon-Soldier32

That's really quite odd. The whole review was written as if he wasn't quite convinced by the game. Largely positive at the top quite critical at the bottom but a positive outcome as far as the score is concerned!
Posted 12:24 on 19 May 2014
MJTH's Avatar


It's never a good sign when a games review embargo release, is the release day. Even though this doesn't mean it will be a bad game, generally games with embargoes like this tend to not be great.

At the very least it shows a lack of confidence in the product on Ubisofts behalf. The earlier a review embargo lifts, the more confident in a game a publisher is. Mario Kart 8 doesn't come out till next week, but the reviews have been up since last Thursday.
Posted 11:51 on 19 May 2014

Neon-Soldier32@ skidoosh

That said the early review (see here) is a bloody awful one. Awfully written, not the score - although that is interesting, too...
Posted 11:45 on 19 May 2014

skidoosh@ Neon-Soldier32

I agree. But more worrying is the increase in release day review (or the day before) embargoes we see at the moment.

I was worried about this game as soon as they switched focus from gameplay mechanics to shiny graphics.
Posted 11:04 on 19 May 2014
ukayjohn's Avatar


Why can't Ubisoft just man up and admit what a pile of *****e this actually is...
Posted 11:01 on 19 May 2014


Very worrying. Not necessarily because of the review day embargo (that's never a good sign as it is), but because early reviews are 'false'.
Posted 09:58 on 19 May 2014

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