GAME has revealed six PS4 console bundles it is offering to Phase 1 PS4 pre-order customers.

Customers have the option to choose from the following:

ps4 bundles game -

Bundle 1 - £399.99: PS4 + Killzone: Shadow Fall
Bundle 2 - £399.99: PS4 + Watchdogs
Bundle 3 - £449.99: PS4 + Killzone: Shadow Fall + second DualShock 4 + PlayStation Camera
Bundle 4 - £439.99: PS4 + Killzone: Shadow Fall + Driveclub
Bundle 5 - £399.99: PS4 + FIFA 14
Bundle 6 - £404.99: PS4 + Call of Duty: Ghosts

Pre-order customers also have the option to stick with their regular PS4 at £349.99. Those contacted by GAME have until October 5 to confirm their choice, after which we assume the retailer will begin offering bundles to the next customers in line.


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User Comments

IronMit's Avatar


That's not a bundle deal. That's adding a game for £50 and a new cardboard box.
Bundle 3 looks decent
Posted 10:32 on 29 September 2013


I didn't bother with Driveclub as the free full PSN version will be enough for me.
Posted 09:28 on 29 September 2013
Freekill's Avatar


I have option 4 I pre-ordered it in July. I even contacted game to confirm if my pre-order was still the one that had Killzone and Driveclub and they confirmed it is. So I can confirm if anyone ordered the game exclusive bundle back in july time then your order will stay the same so if you wish to change it then still contact game.
Posted 02:20 on 29 September 2013


Unless the retail prices really are higher than £49.99.

If, and only if, I can get another £100 of trade-ins I'll get the one with the camera.
Posted 17:56 on 27 September 2013
reynoldio's Avatar


I've never understood bundles that save barely any money at all, which tend to be one-game bundles. Kinda spoils the point!
Posted 17:29 on 27 September 2013
MrFlump's Avatar


Thats not much of a saving on "bundle" 1,2,5 and 6. Rather its just £349 console and a £50 game that you could pick up off the shelf anyway on the night. It's not a massive saving!

Reckon bundle 3 is going to be the one that will fly off the shelves though just for the saving, but its a bit of a shame its not come in at £429 like most were expecting...
Posted 17:02 on 27 September 2013

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