Watch Dogs screenshot
Watch Dogs screenshot

Ubisoft could finally announce a release date for Watch Dogs this week, product manager David Thériault has suggested, who tweeted earlier today to say that it was a "big week" for the Watch Dogs team.

"Morning #watchdogs crew!" he tweeted. "#ubicoffee #bigweek #toocoldinmtl".

Ubisoft is believed to be gearing up to announce Watch Dogs' release date after images posted on stated that "Watch Dogs is on its way... Find out the release date in this new trailer."

The title was also temporarily bumped to the front of retailer GAME's homepage carousel around the same time that multiple images of the game were uploaded to Ubisoft's official UbiBlog, suggesting news could be on its way.

Rumours this morning suggest that Watch Dogs could be due for a June 30 launch after a release date was spotted on PSN. According to PSN UK, however, we've still got quite a long wait...

Source: @davidtherio,

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Karlius's Avatar


Assassins Creed 2014.
Posted 13:27 on 04 March 2014
ShadowmanX5's Avatar


I feel pretty much the same as most, was really hyped when it was announced and now feeling more like I'll wait and see the reviews first. I'll still probably get it since I need a reason to justify my early adoption of PS4 :P But I think this game would of benefitted from either being released on time/earlier or being announced later.

Imagine if they had announced at this years E3?? Just at the end of the presentation "Oh yeah and btw it's out in 2 weeks" >.<
Posted 13:13 on 04 March 2014


The thing stopping hype restarting is familiarity: Start a marketing campaign. Great. But do so showing off already known content and people will be bored as they've already seen it. Show them new content and then we'll have seen most of the game.

Ubi have had numerous previews up on WD and so people already know a lot about the game. Showing more, new content will mean there's even less surprises for players to experience.

Familiarity breeds contempt and Ubi chickened out going up against GTA, even with their cheeky marketing ploy. If WD had been available at next gen launch then it would have done great, but if June 30th is accurate then it will have been over two years since it's reveal - some games are created in less time.
Posted 20:20 on 03 March 2014
arijit361's Avatar


That excitement has certainly gone down. Ubisoft ruined it.. April-May release would have been perfect...
Posted 19:41 on 03 March 2014


Yeah, I was very exicted by Watch_Dogs too when they first showed it, but now I really don't care anymore.

But that happend before the Delay, I think the Problem was that they somehow didn't show anything new for over a Year and I started to realize that there isn't much meat on the Bone for this Game.
I would be happy change my mind on the Game again when it turns out to be great and all, but I can't see that happend at this Point.
Posted 17:00 on 03 March 2014
Manguy17's Avatar


Although I would agree that the hype and general interest around WD has dropped off considerably, it may be able to regain some footing simply due to the lack of bit titles coming out (that is assuming the release doesn't run to close to anything else)
Posted 16:42 on 03 March 2014
tvr77's Avatar


Was really hoping for something much sooner than The 30th of June, that's my birthday and i also go on holiday the 28th for 10 days so no day one purchase for me if it turns out true.

@neonsoldier I think your very wrong, there is still a lot of buzz around this title but i would agree that some may have gotten a little fed up but they will all be back come release day so i certainly would not go as far as saying NOBODY cares. I'd say mostly its just that you couldn't give a toss any more.
Posted 16:40 on 03 March 2014


I'm unsure how much that means though. I mean, throw a stone in the sea and it's bound to go in most of the time. Throw it into a McDonald's small milkshake and it's likely to miss a lot of the time.

Similarly, WD is releasing on every console so raw pre order numbers need some sort of clarification.
Posted 16:24 on 03 March 2014


It was more of a cue for you to link me to a story tbh. And I quickly Googled watch dogs pre order numbers and nothing came up, so they can't be that high else there'd have been a story on it.
Posted 16:00 on 03 March 2014


You could be right there, Neon. Can't remember a game that I was initially so excited for, then eventually so indifferent to, all within the marketing cycle. Sure it'll still be a great game, but yeah I think overexposure and apathy could play a part in its eventual sales.

There haven't been any announcements around sales figures for it since before the start of the new gen, so I'd say everyone's in the dark for now.
Posted 15:54 on 03 March 2014


Pot. Kettle. Black. For regards about speaking garbage.

I haven't seen any stories about good pre order numbers for WD. People may still be waiting, but that doesn't mean that WD hasn't already peaked. If they had released it the October after its reveal it would have sold loads, but now it's been over exposed.
Posted 15:48 on 03 March 2014


No one cares about Watch Dogs anymore. The delay was the final nail in it's coffin. A massive fall from grace for a game that was shown off too early, peaked too soon, has had too much exposure and Ubi think is still relevant.
Posted 15:21 on 03 March 2014

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