The 9 best games of 2014 so far

We're half way through the year (kinda), so it's time to look back and see what's been kicking ass and taking names in 2014.

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It's the week before E3...

Publish date Jun 6

E3 2014: The Predictions

Every member of the team predicts what will happen at this year's E3.

16 Publish date Jun 5

7 Game Delays That Didn't Prove Fatal

A game's delay doesn't always have to mean the end of the world.

2 Publish date May 29

Watch Dogs 2: The true beginning for the series?

Steve's been playing Watch Dogs and can't help feeling that, like Assassin's Creed, it's going to be the sequel that really impresses.

1 Publish date May 27

2013's biggest disappointments

2013 was an amazing year for games, but still contained its fair share of letdowns. Here are the worst offenders.

6 Publish date Dec 22

The Games Of The Generation: Developer's Choice

Some of the industry's biggest developers have their say in what they believe to be the highlights of this generation.

Publish date Nov 15

What was responsible for the Watch Dogs delay?

Quality was no doubt a huge factor in Ubisoft's decision to delay Watch Dogs, but were there other elements that also forced the publisher's hand?

3 Publish date Oct 16

Why I wouldn't buy an Xbox One or PS4 at launch

The next-generation of games is always exciting, but the arrival of the Xbox One and PS4 isn't as tantalising as previous years.

16 Publish date Oct 10

Next-Gen: The Best Launch Line Up In History?

With the Xbox One's release date finally revealed today, it could boast one of the strongest - and most unusual - launch line-ups ever.

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E3 2013:'s Games Of The Show

As E3 2013 is committed to memory, the team looks back over the week to pick the games that truly stood out.

9 Publish date Jun 17 2013

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