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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception screenshot
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception screenshot

Filming for the Uncharted movie will begin in early 2015, director Seth Gordon has revealed, even though the studio has yet to find an actor to play Nathan Drake.

Speaking to Zap2it, Gordon confirmed that the setting of the film would be "very international" with scenes taking place "all over the world", and suggested that it could expand on the events of the first game.

"It's going to honour the mythology of the game," he said, "but I would say honour some of the most interesting stuff from the first one and build from there. There's some stuff that isn't in the game."

He continued: "I love the complexity and frankly the sophistication of the storytelling in the game, and we aspire to that -- but don't want to tell the exact same story, of course -- so something that doesn't break the rules of what it did but expands. Because I feel like the people who play the games and know them well don't want to just see the same story told. You want extra shades."

Mark Wahlberg had previously been in line to play the role of Drake, but he reportedly dropped out of the film over three years ago.

But whoever does end up portraying Drake, Gordon says that he wants them to be "a great actor".

"That's number one," he says, "and then if it's someone who has an actual jaw, that's even better. The game is so well done that you need it to live up to that. There's no way we'd do the inverse of that where it's somebody famous who can't [act]."

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End launches on PlayStation 4 next year. But could we see more during Sony's Gamescom press conference?

Source: zap2it.com

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gonzalobot's Avatar

gonzalobot@ Grammartron

He can lose a bit of weight and have the right lighting and makeup to shave off a decade. He's still the only choice.
Posted 04:25 on 18 July 2014
MrScottyTay's Avatar


For making video games to movies, the creators should know by now that you have to either do a new story that is at a different time from the game and expand upon the overall story of the series, or you do the exact same story without changes. If you do the same story and put changes in them, it's just going to make the fans mad. They don't want change, just look at all of the other video game movies. People hate them because of what they changed from the original stories in the video games.
Posted 14:24 on 17 July 2014


Well they've missed the boat on the fan's choice - Nathan Fillion - as he's a bit old and chunky to be playing Drake now. Would have loved to see that come about, and from what I remember he was always up for it if it ever happened.
Posted 13:50 on 17 July 2014

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