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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition screenshot
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition screenshot

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition sold over twice as many copies on PlayStation 4 than Xbox One during its first week on sale, according to figures released by Chart-Track.

69 per cent of copies were sold on PS4, with Xbox One sales accounting for just 31 per cent.

The sales conflict with the original release's week one sales, which saw 50 per cent of copies sold on Xbox 360 and 42 per cent sold on PS3.

The PS4 version of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is widely believed to be superior to the Xbox One version, despite Metacritic scores suggesting otherwise.

As reported earlier this month, the PS4 version runs at twice the frame rate and maintains native 1080p visuals during cutscenes.

The game shot to number one this week.

Source: UKIE Games Charts compiled by GfK Chart-Track

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User Comments


"My delusion is hilarious"

Fixed that for you.
Posted 20:32 on 03 February 2014
WhatISayGoes's Avatar

WhatISayGoes@ tvr77

It doesn't always warrant that, certain situations deserve different amounts of boasting. But I am loving this news article, Domination from the playstation, I wonder what the xbox fanboys are telling themselves now, oh yes I can see, its because the PS4 has a horrible launch line up LOOL.
The delusion is hilarious and delicious.
Posted 20:14 on 03 February 2014
tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ WhatISayGoes

I was wondering when you would show up with your two pence worth. You missed the obese nation part though, id get right on that before we all forget. :-)
Posted 18:02 on 03 February 2014
WhatISayGoes's Avatar


Playstation DOMINATION.
Posted 17:24 on 03 February 2014
tonyxb0x's Avatar


Not a surprise with PS4's horrible launch lineup ...there was nothing to play. Edit: These are just UK numbers as well.
Posted 15:38 on 03 February 2014

BrySkye@ essex1212

There wasn't any one reason why the Sega Saturn lost out.
It was a massive combination of factors.

Firstly, it followed after both the Mega-CD and within a year of the 32X, both of which received very little support. Consumer trust in the Sega brand was down, especially in the US where it was never the dominant force the way it was in Europe.

The Saturn was also significantly more expensive than the Playstation at launch.
Daytona USA and Virtua Fighter were big arcade names, but the machine lacked any of the familiar Sega home brands at launch.
It never even got a proper Sonic game.
Just an enhanced port of a poorly received Mega-Drive game, a collection of the 16-bit games and a mediocre arcade racing game at the end of the consoles life.
Clockwork Knight and Bug! weren't system sellers.

As for Spaced73, console gaming isn't really any more expensive than it's ever been. As ever, the prices of many games falls towards the end of the consoles life and always have a premium attached when a console launches.

Never forget the likes of Street Fighter II Turbo or Turok Dinosaur Hunter that were £70.
When the Xbox 360 and PS3 launched, games for the systems typically cost between £50 and £60.
Posted 13:51 on 03 February 2014
Clockpunk's Avatar


I'd have much preferred all the efforts put into the port instead assigned to developing the sequel... :-/
Posted 12:53 on 03 February 2014
BritishDavid's Avatar


There's two sides to this argument. 1, yes the PS4 has a bigger install base, but the flip side is 2, there's a real lack of exclusives (compelling ones) for the PS4 right now. Dead Rising 3, Forza, Ryse these have all sold pretty well on the Xbox one, and i can tell you as an owner, I'm more excited about picking one of these up then I am about buying Tomb Raider at full retail price.
Posted 12:32 on 03 February 2014

Grammartron@ SPACED73

Well the two next-gen consoles have both sold faster then any other in history, so the numbers would seem to disagree with you there.
Posted 11:31 on 03 February 2014
SPACED73's Avatar

SPACED73@ essex1212

Neither seems cheap,gone are the days when ps games were. Ring released at £20,now thinking consoles haves had they're day.
Posted 11:07 on 03 February 2014
essex1212's Avatar


Well neither consoles have many games out for it so it's early days but that price point gives the PS4 such a huge advantage.
It's how I think they beat the Sega Saturn with the Playstation 1, as the Saturn was a lot of money at launch as well and had some big names like Daytona and Vitual Fighter...Both were bad compared to the arcade versions.
Posted 10:45 on 03 February 2014
SPACED73's Avatar


Makes sense more xbox owners bought it first time round,and I was tempted to get it again but at an average price of £45 too expensive,by the time the price drops hopefully a certain shooter will be out and that will be taking my time up.
Posted 10:40 on 03 February 2014
Tentacle's Avatar


Considering all the bad press, I am not shocked at all.
Posted 10:12 on 03 February 2014

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