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Thief hero Garrett will sport a more mainstream, less gothic look in the new game, game director Nicolas Cantin has told GameInformer.

"In the conception we had carte blanche to completely restart a new design of Garrett," explained Cantin. "We wanted to keep the main DNA of who was Garrett. We didn't want to change that much because it was kind of working already."

Cantin added: "He's now in the game doing more action moves and that's how we wanted the costume and the suit to reflect that.

"In the beginning he was kind of more gothic; we toned down all the things that feel more gothic. For example: black nails and things like that - we don't have that any more. We want to make him a little bit more mainstream on that.

"But yes, he's a dark character, but we don't want really to say he's a gothic one, even though the Victorian period feels really gothic."

Cantin also likened Garrett to motion picture antiheroes, such as Heath Ledger's The Joker and Brandon Lee's The Crow.

Thief will be released in 2014 for PC and next generation consoles.

Source: GameInformer

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s_h_a_d_o's Avatar

s_h_a_d_o@ Bloodstorm

Judging by how closely the character design shown adheres to a contemporary (read, uneducated) image of "Goth", I'd wager you're right.
Also, to me, the Thief franchise is all about the Gothic ambience (in an historically-accepted, literary sense).

Oh, and apparently Mr Caitlin had more to say...
"We wanted to bring him more for the modern audience of today's console market... He's now in the game doing more action moves and that's how we wanted the costume and the suit to reflect that."

Now that sounds ominous! Kiss goodbye to your hopes for that exemplary PC-centric stealth game. :|
Posted 22:50 on 14 March 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


He's throwing around "gothic" alot but i doubt he even knows what it means.
Posted 16:17 on 14 March 2013

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