The Order is farther away than you hoped.
The Order is farther away than you hoped.

The Order is farther away than you hoped.

The Order: 1886, the PS4 third-person action game set in Victorian London, will now be released in early 2015, developer Ready at Dawn has announced.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, Ready at Dawn CEO and creative director Ru Weerasuriya wrote: "As we look to bring this experience to the players, we have decided to spend some extra time to deliver on the promise we made when we first introduced the game. As such, you can expect The Order: 1886 to come exclusively to the PlayStation 4 in early 2015."

The first in a series of Behind the Scenes videos has also been released, this one focussing on some of the inspiration behind the creation of the game. Analysis

The Order was to be one of Sony's key holiday season releases, and its delay appears to leave the platform holder a little short. Let's hope Sony has a few surprises up its sleeve for E3.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

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Grammartron@ BritishWolf

Usually avoid these sort of posts for reasons some will know, but I would just say that lack of confidence and a game not being ready are two entirely different things. Slipping past Christmas is unfortunate, but better that than an unfinished product, imo anyways.
Posted 08:52 on 28 May 2014
watur123's Avatar

watur123@ BritishWolf

YEAH! We should get more games that aren't finished! It just makes so much sense.
Posted 18:07 on 27 May 2014
munkee's Avatar


I disagree. I'd prefer more games to be held back if it means they're going to be released in a better state. What sense would it make to release a broken game now when you could release a working game in twelve months time?

Rockstar release a game whenever the hell they feel like it, as do Valve and look at their games. They not only release working games but they wait until they're polished to perfection too.
Posted 16:17 on 27 May 2014


I'm not that confident about The Order anyway, it looks like a standard shooter but with a Victorian skin to give it the illusion of having more depth.
Posted 15:01 on 27 May 2014
BritishWolf's Avatar


Knew it would get delayed. Typical Sony. I'm sick of all this talk of "oh but it'll mean more polishing time" yeah but it should be sorted and be ready on time. It means they're not confident in their own products if they have to keep delaying titles
Posted 14:46 on 27 May 2014

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