The Order: 1886 screenshot
The Order: 1886 screenshot

Highly anticipated PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 will not offer any form of multiplayer, Ready at Dawn co-founder and chief technical officer Andrea Pessino has confirmed.

Many had assumed that the game, which seems to resemble the third-person action of Gears of War, would feature cooperative and competitive modes. But this isn't the case.

"No multiplayer, it is a single player, third person action adventure game. :)" Tweeted Pessino.

He added: "[It's] better to do one thing well than a whole bunch half-assed. :) We are trying to make a SP experience you will enjoy."

A newly-published interview has also revealed the game will be presented in 1080p at 30fps – not 60fps – in order to deliver its stunning visuals.

Source: @TheRazorRex

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TinTin's Avatar


Absolutely zero complaints from this gamer.
Posted 10:31 on 07 February 2014
DragonGuard666's Avatar


Glad to hear this. I always saw this as a single-player centric game and felt any multiplayer to this would be tacked on. I don't think it would be able to bring anything new to the table and that's what FPS's and shooters need to do if they're gonna have multiplayer.

The Last of Us multiiplayer surprised me how much I enjoyed it because of it's uniqueness and Titanfall has potential to be really good. It's really hard to achieve both an engaging single-player and have a worthwhile multiplayer and in my experience only Assassin's Creed (Ok technically action but has some competitive similarities) and TLOU has managed that. Games like Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3 could probably have squeezed a bit more out of the single player, which were both very good, had they left out the multiplayer clones with their own skin.

It seems a lot of the younger gamers don't seem to appreciate that a game doesn't need an online multiplayer element to be worth buying, which is a shame

I'm thinking this might get overlooked by quite a lot of people though. Mostly due to a lack of it being in the spotlight like Titanfall, just a gut feeling. I expect this to be a sleeper hit though.
Posted 14:26 on 06 February 2014
tvr77's Avatar


I'm really pleased to hear this, it will make for a much better and more fleshed out single player experience. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one.
Posted 13:41 on 06 February 2014
Freekill's Avatar


It's for the better otherwise the multiplayer or singleplayer might get rushed which would be bad
Posted 12:52 on 06 February 2014


"He added: "[It's] better to do one thing well than a whole bunch half-assed."

Thumbs up for that.
Posted 12:44 on 06 February 2014

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