Street Fighter V screenshot
Street Fighter V screenshot

Street Fighter V sold fewer physical copies in the UK during its opening week than Street Fighter IV, GFK Chart-Track has revealed.

The fighting game launched exclusively on PS4 and PC last Tuesday, but failed to outdo the series' week one sales record set by its predecessor, which launched simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PS3 back in February 2009.

The figure does not account for the number of copies sold digitally, however, which is expected to be considerably higher than the number of copies downloaded seven years ago. Sales of the PC version were almost certainly primarily digital, too.

Capcom has yet to announce sales figures for the new game.

Sales weren't high enough to knock Black Ops 3 off the top of this week's UK All Formats Top 40 chart, however, despite sales of Activision's shooter falling by 25% week-on-week.

Source: GFK Chart-Track

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You got the game's name wrong, it's Street Fighter V: Early Access.
I'm not much of a competitive gamer these days and so I'll wait until there's a proper offline mode for a final verdict on this game.
Posted 18:59 on 22 February 2016
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