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Not a Hero screenshot
Not a Hero screenshot

2D side-scrolling shooter Not A Hero is heading to PS4 on February 2, developer Roll7 has announced. The PlayStation Vita version, however, has been cancelled.

While a reason for the Vita version's cancellation isn't entirely clear, it sounds as if the studio struggled to get the game running on the handheld, leading to the game's cancellation.

"First and foremost there was the issue of getting the game to work on Vita," fictional character BunnyLord said in an update on the developer's website. "I've always considered the Vita to be a key political constituency, but making games work on it is incredibly hard, especially as it's basically a miniscule television hiding inside an obese DS4 controller.

"In the end, we tried simply copying the whole game onto a 3.5" floppy disk and jamming it into the back of the Vita, but this caused dangerous overheating and one of our test kits exploded, killing the entire NOT A HERO Vita Programming team in a fully upsetting and totally avoidable fireball of nasty burning. Initially, we thought it was baddies what had done it, but it turned out to just be our team's own fantastic ineptitude. It was at this juncture our lawyers advised us to abandon the port and come up with an elaborate excuse for its cancellation."

Not A Hero made its debut on PC last year, and sees players shoot, slide and blast their way through colourful 2D levels under orders from an odd future rabbit-mayor... thing. Yeah, I'm not quite sure either, but for a look at what to expect check out the trailer below or Miller's interview with Roll7 below that.

Expect the game to cost £9.99.


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