no mans sky price preorder -
no mans sky price preorder -

No Man's Sky pre-orders will open on PlayStation Store tomorrow, according to a now removed listing in this week's store update post on the US PlayStation Blog.

In a section detailing games available to pre-order, No Man's Sky was listed with a $59.99 price and the note that it would be "Out 3/3", which we assume to mean the date on which pre-orders open and not the date the game launches. Last we heard No Man's Sky will release in June.

Sony often puts dates next to listings when the timing on the release doesn't coincide with the rest of the content, in this case the No Man's Sky pre-order going live on a different date to the regular store refresh.

We can also expect some new info on the game when Sony officially announces that pre-orders are open.

Source: GameZone

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theresaevans552@ MJTH

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Oh wow, I didn't realize No Man's Sky would be a full priced game. This actually might change how I feel about the game a little. Or at least it's more of an investment then I thought so I may be more hesitant in buying.

From what I seen so far of it, whilst it looks huge, I haven't seen much to do in the worlds. If it was £20-25 pound I could over look that, but at full price I do hope there is more to the game then what has been shown previously.
Posted 10:32 on 02 March 2016

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