Kingdom Under Fire II for PS4

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A true Action RTS inheritor of the world acclaimed Kingdom Under Fire series.

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Kingdom Under Fire 2 looks better on PS4 than PC

Producer worried PC players "will be very angry".

15 Publish date Apr 7

Kingdom Under Fire 2 confirmed for PS4

PC version to launch in Korea next month, but still no word on 360/PS3 versions.

2 Publish date Nov 12

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Kingdom Under Fire 2 looks better on PS4 than PC in Article Comments

brookie94's Avatar

lol, that goes beyond a lazy port. It's a sad state of affairs when certain gamers will cheer something like this just because it's bad news for certain other gamers. Fanboys gonna fanboy. But...

Kingdom Under Fire II: Official 2013 Trailer in Article Comments

FantasyMeister's Avatar

Might be a no-show, its been in development for so long:

Kingdom Under Fire 2 confirmed for PS4 in Article Comments

KamSage's Avatar

I thought this had been cancelled after next gen got announced, or at least this was the longest development hell outside of Square Enix or The Last Guardian I can remember. if it keeps the...

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Release Date: 01/12/2013
Developer: Blueside Inc
Genre: Action
No. Players: 1 + Online
Rating: TBC
Site Rank: 889
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