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Knack screenshot
Knack screenshot

Sony has revealed two-player co-op support for upcoming PS4 platformer Knack that will allow another player to drop-in and drop-out at any time throughout the adventure.

The second player will take on the role of Robo Knack, a metallic friend that can heal Knack and donate parts. And if you've got a PS Vita, the co-op player can also control Robo Knack via Remote Play, or stick with a standard DualShock 4.

However, co-op only appears to be accessible with the difficulty set to Easy.

"Knack’s co-op is a little different from some cooperative games you may have played," said Daniel Brooke, online producer at Sony Worldwide Studios. "From the very beginning, Knack was meant to be both a challenging and rewarding old-school style character action game, as well an accessible 'gateway' title for gamers to initiate their friends and family members into the joys of true console gaming.

"On Normal or Hard, the game can be brutally challenging and very rewarding. But with simple controls and set to Easy mode, even the newest of players can experience the world of Knack."

Knack launches alongside PlayStation 4 on November 29.


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MrScottyTay's Avatar


I don't know if that statement is saying it will always be on easy if you go on co op, I think they're trying to say that they want co op to be accessible to anyone, and that on easy mode anyone can play so if you want your granny to join in on the fun she can. That sort of thing. The fact that they mentioned normal and hard, I think, suggests it's still possible.

Unless of course there's an extra statement that says otherwise, but with that one I don't think it is saying that outright.
Posted 23:19 on 07 November 2013

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