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Knack screenshot
Knack screenshot

First-party PlayStation 4 games will be sold at a suggested retail price of £54.99 and £59.99, UK retailer has revealed.

The news suggests PS4 titles will cost slightly more than first-party PlayStation 3 games, which are believed to carry a suggested retail price of £44.99-£49.99.

Of the PS4's first-party launch line-up Knack will be available for cheapest, carrying an SRP of £54.99, with DriveClub and Killzone: Shadow Fall carrying a higher £59.99 SRP.

EA has previously revealed that its titles will carry a £54.99 RRP. Many retailers, however, currently list the titles lower than their SRP.

PlayStation 4 launches in the UK on November 29.


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User Comments

Bloodstorm's Avatar


I'll be buying digital games on steam for less than £15 on sale.
Posted 13:46 on 27 September 2013
keYserSOze80's Avatar


Nearly always wait until they come down to £20 anyway, GTA 5 is the only game I've spent more on in the last 3 years and I even got that for less than the RRP, £38 instead of the £49.99 it is priced at for digital download... Pricing in the UK is a joke, Sony still have digital downloads priced at £40+ that I can get new at tesco for £20! Plus you can trade-in boxed games!
Posted 13:33 on 27 September 2013
timidmeow's Avatar

timidmeow@ lethal_doze

60 GBP = a little under 97 USD at the current rate of exchange (I'm an American studying in the UK, and paying close attention to the exchange rate, which is terrible right now), not 75.
I can't imagine paying nearly 100$ for a game, sorry.
Posted 10:58 on 27 September 2013


RRP is very rarely what the games sell for in store, sure this has been taken into account with these prices. RRP on current gen games is £50 technically, but I've certainly never paid that for a game, even at launch.
Posted 10:13 on 27 September 2013
chrisno21's Avatar


Same was also true for Blu-Ray movies, once more stock fills the shelves and competition ensues, prices fall - in the UK at least.
Posted 09:29 on 27 September 2013


Happens every single time a new console is released, prices will eventually drop again, etc etc.
Posted 21:11 on 26 September 2013
lethal_doze's Avatar


Tretton represents US and he was right in the US games are still 60 usd, but the re is always some room to screw Europe over, eurozone gave up long time ago to 1$=1€ scam, now they want to force it on UK charging £60. for digital games, that's unacceptable.

How come they can up RRP in UK but US pricing stays the same, I'd love to see the reaction of American gamers to games being $75 publishers would go out of business within weeks, but in Europe they will suck it up.

greedy basards, and dont tell me Sony doesnt control 3rd party pricing on PSS, they do they can set maximum price and publishers either accept it or they're out of PSS, its that simple, publishers dont have some magical default accessn to PSS they need to have that access granted
Posted 18:21 on 26 September 2013


And earlier in the year Tretton said that game prices would not increase.
Posted 17:38 on 26 September 2013
tvr77's Avatar


Why do they have to mark the price up, games in general are already over priced! Apart from a couple of launch games to get me started i will not be buying games at that price.

Over half a ton for a single game is just a p**s take.
Posted 17:18 on 26 September 2013

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