Hotline Miami for PS4

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Hotline Miami will take a violent, retro-flavored trip back to the Magic City of the mid-1980s.

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Hotline Miami is coming to PS4 next week

And you can beat people to death by shaking the DualShock 4.

3 Publish date Aug 11

Which ultra violent indie hit is coming to PS4?

Hotline Miami free for those who previously purchased the game on PS3 or Vita.

Publish date Mar 24

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Ok I've read the article now. Yes I will then.

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It's not a *****tyy monthy because you guys are just use to three great months prior. PES is a good value, Sly that's a 8-ish game on meta score, mercenary king looks great, and I played Hotline...

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lol I know what you mean, mine sits most of the time until i watch a blu-ray

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