Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshot
Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshot

UPDATE 29/08/14: The store responsible for yesterday's tweets has apologised for "confusion" over the alleged November date, stating that it does "not have a confirmed date" for GTA 5 on PS4 and Xbox One.

"We just want to clear the air...we do not have a confirmed date for #GTAV at this moment in time. As soon as we do we will communicate it as a company, through our website, newsletter and social media websites. We apologise to all #GTAV fans for the confusion with this.

"As a store within the GAME company, it is not our responsibility to tweet provisional game release dates. We cannot apologise enough."

Rockstar has yet to return's request for comment.

ORIGINAL STORY: The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 have a "provisional release date" of November 1, according to a tweet from GAME.

GAME's Croydon store teased the date in a pair of tweets earlier this afternoon, saying that it had "good news for you #PS4 and #XboxOne players".

Given that November 1 is a Saturday the date may be inaccurate. However, it offers further hints that a November release could be on the cards for Rockstar's next-gen re-release.

Officially, GTA 5 is still on track for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC this autumn. has contacted Rockstar for comment.

Source: @GAMECroydon

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tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ stevenharris

You don't neet to look far, Pawn shops like Cash Generator and Cash Converters, CEX and Game both do pre owned consoles as well and i bet there are plenty of small independent gaming stores that would have some. Also try Ebay and Amazon.

Look them up online to find your nearest stores.
Posted 11:27 on 29 August 2014
stevenharris's Avatar


Any body can tell where i can get used gaming consoles
Posted 10:46 on 29 August 2014
EverTheOptimist's Avatar

EverTheOptimist@ pblive

I was thinking about this earlier and I'm divided now. I initially wished I hadn't played the PS3 version and held on, but now I'm wondering if I'll enjoy the PS4 version more because I can see the visual improvement. I don't think either way is bad.
Posted 09:42 on 29 August 2014
EverTheOptimist's Avatar

EverTheOptimist@ Mintyrebel

Posted 09:41 on 29 August 2014
Mintyrebel's Avatar


"Yes Please" Gaming Journalism must be really hard, keep up the good work Dave :p
Posted 09:40 on 29 August 2014


I've played a bit on 360, but admit that I really need to play it more. Wondering if I should just trade in the 360 version and get the Xbox One or PS4 version to continue playing it, though.
Posted 08:24 on 29 August 2014
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


I wish I'd held off getting the last gen version, it'll be awesome for you. Should be enough to bring me back though. I'd be lying if I said I didnt think I was going to buy it.
Posted 08:14 on 29 August 2014


I held off getting it on last-gen but I'm quite looking forward to it :)
Posted 21:52 on 28 August 2014
scaz2244's Avatar


Cant wait looks incredible but il wait for rockstar to announce the date not game
Posted 16:47 on 28 August 2014
mralexhead's Avatar


"Yes please." Haaaaha
Posted 16:08 on 28 August 2014

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