New gameplay footage of delayed PS4 racer Driveclub has appeared online, showing off the latest progress made to the delayed PS4 racer.

The new footage shows racers drifting around two different tracks and appears to show big technical improvements over earlier builds, showcasing impressive lighting and visual effects. It also offers a brief glimpse at minor vehicle damage.

The footage follows a rumour from earlier this week suggesting that the game may not be due to release until as late as June 2014.

Sony has yet to respond to the rumour.


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WhatISayGoes's Avatar

WhatISayGoes@ dav2612

Tomb Raider FPS, Battlefield FPS, Ghosts FPS, Assassins creed 4 FPS, that is playstation domination.
Posted 12:58 on 24 January 2014
dav2612's Avatar

dav2612@ BrySkye

I was just playing along. Comparing a released game to one that has been heavily delayed seems somewhat pointless to me, especially when the game none of us have played is declared the winner.

Even when Drive Club is released, the extra time spent on it negates the comparisons to a certain degree.
Posted 12:31 on 24 January 2014

BrySkye@ dav2612

The thing about Forza that surprised me so much was how much graphical fidelity was stripped out of the released version compared to E3.
There's an article about it somewhere and it's really quite a lot. Now quite Aliens: Colonial Marines standards, but some noteworthy things such as replacing 3D crowds with 2D ones, or instead of having real-time environmental shadowing, they changed to 'pre-baked' shadows, etc.

Could be hardware of course, but it's also quite possible that in order to meet the performance targets on schedule, cuts had to be made.

That in mind, maybe it's out now but that doesn't automatically make it better.
Time'll tell.
Posted 12:19 on 24 January 2014
essex1212's Avatar


Christ, they are consoles not football teams!

Getting Titanfall in march btw :D
Posted 11:31 on 24 January 2014
Freekill's Avatar

Freekill@ dav2612

At the Moment to my knowledge Xbox One only has one more game. I am not hating on Xbox Bne though as I quite enjoy the Forza series :D. The main problem I have with Forza 5 is that they are trying to force people into buying new games which is an idea I can't really get behind. This is also the reason why I am not going to purchase Grand Trusimo 6, I will wait until Forza 6 and GT7 and hopefully by then they will not be so aggressive to try get the user to buy new cars for enjoyment.

Either way DriveClub will be like a breath of fresh air as long as it does not do the same as Forza and GT.

Defiantly not "Playstation Domination." Feel as if the consoles are even game wise at the moment. Although the Sony do have some nice indie titles.
Posted 10:01 on 24 January 2014


Odd time for 1st party racers at the moment. General feeling seems to be that Forza 5 has some issues, and wasn't quite the jump ahead everyone was expecting, meanwhile the GT series seems very much in decline at present... be interesting to see how DriveClub affects the mix and how well it ends up playing, as a brand new IP.
Posted 09:21 on 24 January 2014
dav2612's Avatar


Forza released on time: Forza 1 Drive Club 1
Forza is playable now: Forza 2: Drive Club 1

As a racing game fan it is far from "Playstation Domination". Xbox One currently has twice as many racers as the PS4.

And I say this as a PS4 owner.
Posted 09:16 on 24 January 2014
WhatISayGoes's Avatar

WhatISayGoes@ Freekill

Nice stat my good sir. Playstation Domination :)
Posted 08:46 on 24 January 2014
Freekill's Avatar

Freekill@ WhatISayGoes

Well as far as my knowledge goes, you don't have to pay real money to buy cars in driveclub where in forza you do. Driveclub 1 Forza 0
Posted 00:45 on 24 January 2014
f00man's Avatar


Looks great....can't wait for the release. Between Driveclub, Infamous, and MLB14...its going to be a busy next few months.
Posted 20:11 on 23 January 2014
WhatISayGoes's Avatar

WhatISayGoes@ dav2612

Tomb Raider FPS ;-)
Posted 19:36 on 23 January 2014
dav2612's Avatar

dav2612@ WhatISayGoes

Forza has one big advantage right now in that people can actually play it.
Posted 14:54 on 23 January 2014
WhatISayGoes's Avatar


Better than Forza? Playstation Nation.
Posted 14:10 on 23 January 2014
BritishWolf's Avatar


They've nailed the sense of speed in my opinion and the graphics really do look fantastic. Just hope they can release it at 60fps
Posted 13:29 on 23 January 2014
Freekill's Avatar


There is no denying that the game looks amazing. However the driving still looks a bit floating, however it might just be due to the angles they shot at. Driving is a hard thing to capture both in the real world and in the game world.

I would love to see a side by side clip of this and some old footage too see some of the improvements.
Posted 13:02 on 23 January 2014

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