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A DriveClub beta is apparently happening on PS4 right now

Cupcake beta test live on PS4 to select users, screenshots suggests.

Publish date Wed 27

DriveClub Special Edition includes instant access to five supercars

And a couple of stickers for your PS4.

Publish date Aug 11

9 Games That Need A Big Showing At Gamescom

Gamescom is coming! And some games better be ready to pull out all the stops to ensure they don't get lost in the shuffle. What are these games? VideoGamer reveals all!

4 Publish date Aug 8

Hate 30fps racers? Try DriveClub before knocking it, asks Evo

Developer has made efforts to make sure the game never drops a frame or suffer noticeable input lag.

11 Publish date Jul 23

DriveClub single-player gets first public hands-on this weekend

Play Evolution's racer at this Sunday's Scottish Car Show.

Publish date Jul 14

MotorStorm on PS4? 'Maybe in the future,' says Evolution

Studio's focus remains on DriveClub for the time being.

Publish date Jul 9

DriveClub PS4 hardware bundle racing to Europe

€439.99 console bundle to arrive alongside PS4 racer.

Publish date Jul 8

Driveclub has only one driving assist, confirms director

And that assist is just for people with racing wheels.

Publish date Jun 19

Evolution already thinking about what's next for Driveclub

Weather update likely to be just one post-launch game update.

Publish date Jun 18

PS4 game delays the result of console's ability to do so much, says Yoshida

Dev teams are challenging themselves, trying new things.

5 Publish date Jun 13

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